Huaying Mountain
It is the essence of local culture of Huaying Mountain.
It shows the unsophisticated local conditions and customs.
Living in Huaying Mountain With a rare karst stone forest in the world, Huaying Mountain is a mountain-type stone forest with the highest altitude in China. It is a rare natural air anion bar with the vegetation coverage up to 95% and superior ecological and climatic environment. Folk festivals Festival for Maidens Yuechi Lantern Show
  Beautiful sceneries of Huaying Mountain Feel the poetical sensation in Huaying Mountain with elegant sceneries.
Natural sights Traveling plan Traveling notes
  Tasty food of Huaying Mountain The food in Guang’an will be more attractive as time goes on and makes you unable to wait to have a taste of it when smelling the flavor.
  • Zhazha Fish
    It is cooked with over 10 kinds of small-sized natural fishes is Jialing River.
  • Salt Preserved Eggs
    A traditional local food made with the making method appeared hundreds of years ago.
  • Baked Cakes
    It is with crispy taste, faint scent and good flavor, which has distinctive characteristics among the glutinous rice products.
  • Yuechi Tequ Liquor
    On the basis of traditional fermentation process in combination with modern technology, the liquor is fermented in a centurial aged cellar with sorghum and corn and the superior spring water of Huaying Mountain.
  • Yuechi Rice Noodles
    It comprises different tastes and meat stuffing for different diners. With great look and flavor, it also has soft and flexible, tender and refreshing taste.
  • Huanglong Tribute Rice
    The rice has special growth conditions and used to be tribute rice for imperial household.
  Accommodation Comfortable accommodation is also an important link in journey.
  Transportation Arriving Surroundings
You can arrive at Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport by airplane and transfer to Huaying Mountain by self-driving or chartered bus.
Land route
You can get to Guang’an by bus from Chengdu, and transfer to Huaying Mountain by self-driving or chartered bus.
Dead Sea in Suiling
“Dead Sea of China” is formed 150 million years ago, with magical natural resources of underground bittern water. Physiotherapy with rich mineral salt is a worldwide-recognized healthy and effective natural therapy.
Seasons All seasons are the best time for traveling.
Dressing The temperature difference between day and night is large, please take enough warm clothes.
Safety Please prepare emergency measures for mountain climbing in advance and be careful.
Medicine Please prepare medicines for influenza, diarrhea and scratch in advance.