This is a festival held to celebrate harvest and welcome spring.
A seven-day festival will be held in Huanglongxi every year.
Hometown of Fire Dragon Huanglongxi is known as a sacred place due to its dragon. Dragon Buddha, dragon temple, dragon lantern and dragon boat are all components of its rich and colorful dragon culture. Folk Festivals ire Dragon Festival International Dragon and Lion Culture and Arts Festival
  Feeling Huanglong Huanglongxi Town is one of the top ten riverside ancient towns in China with a history of over 2100 years.
Cultural sites Travelling Guide Travelling Notes
  Tastes in Huanglong
  • Yellow cartfish
    It is a wild fish from Jinjiang River and Luxi River.
  • Stewed pork joint
    With red and bright colors, it tastes sweet and fresh.
  • Pearl tofu pudding
    It has a variety of functions such as benefiting qi and strengthening asthenia.
  • Sesame cake
    It is a dessert steamed from mixture of flour and sesame, which tastes soft, tender, sweet while not greasy.
  • Fermented soya beans
    A bag of fermented soya beans is just enough to make a dish. Put the beans in dry and ventilated places, it can be kept for many years.
  • Ba Shu Paoge tea
    Ba Shu Paoge is a typical wharf culture, and the tea occupies important position in Paoge society.
  Accommodation Huanglongxi has perfect accommodation conditions, providing a lot of hotels and family inns.
Starred hotels The hotels here have beautiful sceneries and excellent positions. You can experience the authentic leisure life of Chengdu in a comfortable and happy mood.
Local inns and dwellings houses The houses are clean, tidy and well-equipped with facilities and local characteristic foods.
  Transportation Arrival Surroundings
You can travel to Shuangliu International Airport by air and then self-drive or transfer by bus to go to Huanglongxi.
Take buses from Chengdu to Huanglongxi.
Dafo Temple
Dafo Temple was firstly built in the Ming Dynasty and is known as the second Leshan Giant Buddha, ranking the “Second in Sichuan”.
Weather In Huanglongxi, it rains a lot in summer. Please take rain protections when going out.
Seasons The four seasons are all the best time to visit.
Safety Please make full preparations for emergencies before going climbing and be cautious.
Drugs Please prepare drugs against influenza, diarrhea, bruise, etc.