Li County Bipenggou Scenic Spot
As the classic of the unique cohabitation culture, this self-entertaining folk dance is the most brilliant jewel on the tree of ancient national culture.
It’s a festival for ancient Qiang people to pray good weather for the crops annually on the 2nd day of the 2nd lunar month every year.
Living together in Bipenggou Two ancient nations live here together from generation to generation with the unique and fascinating cohabitation culture. Folkloric festivals Guo Zhuang of Tibetans and Qiang people Guairu Festival
  Beautiful Scenery in Bipenggou Tolerance of the nature is all shown in Bipenggou. Here, you can enjoy various types of landscape everywhere.
Natural scenic spots Journey strategy Travel notes
  Tastes in Bipenggou Each dish of savory food is the words of the conversation between people and nature.
  • Hot pot of Tibetan style
    Cultural integration is boiling in the hot pot of Tibetan style. The combination between characteristics of Sichuan hot pot and Tibetan unique food culture delivers the unusual taste.
  • Pickled cabbage soup
    As a guest of the Tibetan family in Li County Bipenggou, you will be enthusiastically invited to drink a bowl of delicious and appetizing pickled cabbage soup.
  • Steamed stuffed bun usually made by the monks
    Steamed stuffed bun usually made by the monks
  • Specialty
    Traditional Chinese medicinal materials
    Aba Prefecture where Bipenggou is located is the place of origin for China’s famous Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Chinese medicinal materials with various types of traditional Chinese medicinal materials attractive in price and quality.
  • Specialty
    Yak jerky
    Yak is one of the image identification symbols in China’s Tibetan areas. The tasty yak jerky helped the ancient Tibetan people keep off the harsh living conditions with its rich nutrition.
  • Specialty
    Brick tea
    Tea drunk by Tibetan people is generally produced in Sichuan and Yunnan. For the convenience of transportation, the tea sold to Tibetan areas is compacted into a form of brick for a special purpose, hence comes the brick tea.
  Accommodation To feel the Tibetan-Qiang cultures here, you’d better not travel in a hurry.
Hotels Hotels Beside the Namu Lake among the hills, there are many hotels composed of Qiang watchtower villas with the brilliant national style.
Mountainous resorts Mountainous resorts Based on the folk style, they generally have the advantageous geographic positions with a distance of less than 10min’s walk to the visitor center of scenic area.
  Transpor Reaching here Neighborhood
The nearest airport from Bipenggou Scenic Spot is Chengdu Shuangliu Airport, after you fly to Chengdu, you need to transit here by bus.
Land route
You can take a bus at Chengdu Chadianzi Bus Station to Bipenggou Scenic Spot after a whole journey of approximately 203km.
Siguniang Mountain
Siguniang Mountain is called as “China’s Alps”, which is an important part of the world natural heritage - “Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuaries”.
Time and seasons The best traveling time is in September and October, for Bipenggou has pleasant scenery in late autumn.
Dressing Temperature difference between the day and the night is very obvious, so please prepare enough warm clothes.
Sun protection The excellent natural climate environment brings sufficient ultraviolet irradiation, so please prepare enough sunscreen products especially for summer journey.
taboo Pay attention to local customs