Gesala–the Great Rift Valley in Western Panzhihua
Being quite participatory and with rich cultural experience, it consists of activities such as worshipping the ancestors and gods, killing pigs and sheep and drinking circling wine (a unique drinking custom in Yi Nationality).
A demonstration of the traditional ethnic and ecological culture of Gesala.
Gesala Impression Gesala is the natural ethnic folk garden in the great rift valley in western Panzhihua. 民俗节日 Torch Festival Azalea Festival
  Views of Gesala Gesala is a gifted place gathering numerous breathtaking artworks on earth.
Natural views Travelling Guide Travelling Notes
  Tastes in Gesala Authentic multi-ethnic delicacies.
  • Pickled cabbage soup
    There’s an old saying in the Yi ethnic: you will find yourself powerless for walk without pickled cabbage for three days.
  • Tuotuo meat
    Known as the most famous delicacy of Yi ethnic, it is called “wusesejiao” in Yi language, which means diced pork in mandarin.
  • Fragrant pork tripe
    Its importance in cooking is the same as killing a piggy, and is the top dish serving guests.
  • Tribute rice
    Tribute rice
    High-quality tribute rice produced by sufficient moisture and mild subtropical climate here.
  • Pomegranate and mango
    Pomegranate and mango
    Tasty and juicy subtropical fruits.
  • Mineral crafts
    Mineral crafts
    The geographical zone in the rift valley has rich mineral resources.
  Accommodation To escape from the world and stay in this wonderland.
Starred hotels With Tibetan-style decoration and good environment. Please book rooms in advance.
Local inns and dwellings houses You can view snow mountains through windows and the houses and embrace the fascinating views of the nature
  Transportation Arrival Surroundings
You can travel to Panzhihua Bao’anying Airport by air and then transfer by bus to go to Gesala.
You can take a bus from Chengdu or transfer to Gesala in Panzhihua train station.
Ertan Reservoir
Ertan Hydropower Station is the second largest hydropower station in China, only after the Three Gorges Power Project at present.
Clothes Be wise to prepare enough clothes for significant temperature fluctuation.
Safety Please keep properly your belongings to avoid losses.
Drugs Please prepare drugs against influenza, diarrhea, bruise, etc.
Travel Please observe relevant regulations and requirements of the ecological tourism areas and behave properly.