Wawu Mountain Scenic Spot
The folk dance handed down for hundreds of years in China.
A grand activity for commemorating Su Shi, the great poet of China.
Living in Wawu Mountain As the largest forest park of China, Wawu Mountain has completely preserved the original mysterious natural landscapes. It is famous for the mysterious hills, beautiful water, thick forest and magnificent landscapes and enjoying an equal popularity with Mount Emei. The two mountains are called two breathtaking spots in Sichuan. Folk festivals Clamshell Lantern Dance Commemoration for Su Shi
  Beautiful sceneries of Wawu Mountain 大自然鬼斧神工造就神奇秀美的景观。
Natural sights Traveling plan Traveling notes
  Tasty food of Wawu Mountain Besides the great taste, you will be attracted by the rich regional cultural connotation of the food.
  • Dongpo Fish
    It is named for the hometown of Su Dongpo, the most splendid literary man, from where it is originated, and has extremely attractive historical allusions.
  • Dried Beef
    As an article of tribute in ancient China, it is made through multiple processes and called unique flavor food of China.
  • Sesame Pudding
    It is one of the famous traditional pastries occupying an important position in pastry culture. It has is the tasty food suitable for both old and young for its abundant nutrition.
  • Preserved Pork
    As the most popular food in local, the Preserved Pork is made of the ecological pig fed with grains by local farmers, with authentic mellow flavor, fat but not greasy.
  • Green Tea
    The perfect ecological environment makes Wawu Mountain a suitable place for planting tea.
  • Rock honey
    It is one of the delicacies of Wawu Mountain. The local people places the beehives on rocks, letting the bees sip various wild flowers as coptis chinensis and gastrodia elata for making medicated honeys that possess healthy function.
  Accommodation The distinctive accommodation makes you have a better travel experience.
Guesthouse Located in Liuba Road, Jiujiang Ancient Town, Hongya.
Liujiang Guesthouse in Hongya County
Hotel Located in Hesen Avenue, Hongya County.
Hongya Moonlight Impression Hotel
  Transportation Arriving Surroundings
You can get to Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport by airplane and transfer to Wawu Mountain by self-driving or chartered bus.
Land route
You can get to Hongya by bus from Chengdu, and transfer to Wawu Mountain by self-driving or chartered bus.
Liujiang Ancient Town
It is one of Ten Ancient Towns of Sichuan and has over 100 years history. You can listen to the rain and enjoy the sight of river in the dim light to experience a poetic illusion of misty rain in Liujian.
Seasons Spring and winter are the best seasons for traveling.
Dressing The temperature difference between day and night is large, please take enough warm clothes.
Medicine Please prepare medicines for influenza, diarrhea and scratch in advance.
Safety Please prepare emergency measures for mountain climbing in advance and be careful.