Ape King Cave Natural Scenic Spot
It is a traditional festival of Qiang to celebrate harvest, pay gratitude and redeem wishes, and is full of religious characteristics.
Held in every spring and autumn, this ceremony has been continued by Qiang people for a thousand years to pray for harvest.
Impression with Ape King Cave Known as the largest mountain karst cave in Southwest China, Ape King Cave has been influenced by ancient Qiang culture for over 4,000 years. You may enjoy the charm of both beautiful sceneries and culture here. Folk festivals Qiang’s New Year Memorial Ceremony for Mountain
  Attractions at Ape King Cave Walking in Ape King Cave, you will not only feel its primitive charm but also have the opportunity to feast your eyes on more beautiful sceneries.
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  Foods at Ape King Cave Foods in traditional Qiang culture are also characteristic, which will bring fantastic experiences to your taste buds.
  • Bamboo-tube-cooked rice with preserved meat
    It is a must food for local families to entertain guests from far. Combined with the fragrance of bamboo tube and preserved meat, the rice is fragrant, sticky and delicious.
  • Braised and seasoned pork with soy sauce
    As a folk cuisine of Sichuan Qiang characteristics, it is manually fabricated with 24 complicated processes with a period 40 days.
  • Baked bun
    With a history of more than 2000 years, it is a traditional food of Qiang people, and can be kept for 3-4 days before reversion of flavour.
  • Special local
    Za wine
    It is the oldest fermented alcoholic drink in China, and the essential wine of Qiang people for festivals.
  • Special local
    Pot braised tea
    This tea drinking custom was left by ancient Qiang people thousands of years ago, and “pot braised tea with flavor paste” and “oil fried and braised tea” are most famous among the teas.
  • Special local
    Qiang embroidery
    It is a traditional handicraft of Qiang, and cross-stitch embroidery is exceptionally a unique skill of Qiang arts, and has an important place among numerous national arts.
  Accommodation Stay at this mysterious place to feel its wonderland like sceneries.
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Accommodation Homestay Experience the daily life of Qiang people.
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  Transportation Arrival Surrounding scenic spots
Take a flight to Mianyang Southern Suburb Airport, and then drive or charter a car to go to Jiuhuang Mountain Ape King Cave.
Take a bus to Beichuan County at Chengdu Chadianzi Passenger Transport Center or Xinnanmen Terminal, and then drive or charter a car to go to Jiuhuang Mountain Ape King Cave.
Xingwen Stone Field and Cave Network Tourism Area
Being one of the areas with the most developed karst landform in China, this area is full of strange shaped stones aboveground and numerous karst caves underground, gathering wonders of the world at this single place. Its karst caves are ranked as Four Wonders in Southern Sichuan together with bamboo sea, dinosaur and cliff coffin.
Clothing Take enough clothes because of significant temperature difference.
Customs Please respect the life and belief of local minorities.
Driving For driving in winter, bring tyre chains with you, drive slowly on icy and snowy roads, and keep safety in mind.
Taboos Please get acquaintance with local customs and cultures in advance to avoid unnecessary conflicts.