Danba Jiaju Tibetan Village Scenic Spot
The one-day religious activities are held to commemorate the Buddhist master.
The Tibetan folk activities with a long history are held to celebrate the harvest and bless the nature.
Jiaju Tibetan It is praised as the top of “China’s six most beautiful ancient rural towns”. With distinctive Tibetan features, it is located in the valley full of tempting attraction. Its unique buildings of Tibetan style enable you to feel the beauty of ancient Tibetan customs. Folkloric festivals Lighting Festival Horse Racing Festival
  Beautiful scenery in Jiaju Tibetan Village The classical and elegant buildings of Tibetan style are shining pearls of the Chinese countryside folk buildings.
Natural scenic spots Journey strategy Travel notes
  Tastes in Jiaju Tibetan Village Besides the spectacular scenery, Jiaju Tibetan Village also has numerous delicacies with its national feature.
  • Danba leg of pork
    It is Danba specialty highly recommended in China’s famous TV program “Day Day Up”, and its unique making skill is really amazing.
  • Preserved ham
    It is made of the local purebred Tibetan pig with flavor of Tibetan style by accurately controlling the salting time.
  • Suck up wine
    It is a good wine necessary for ethnic minorities of China on grand festivals.
  • Specialties
    White beans growing in the high-altitude area
    With a touching legend, this kind of precious rare edible beans grows in the high-altitude area and is difficult to pick.
  • Specialties
    Chinese caterpillar fungus
    This kind of tonic medicine recorded in many medical books of ancient China has a miraculous effect and peculiar shape.
  • Specialties
    With over one thousand years of culture, the utensils are used by Tibetan people in daily life. Their unique making skills can never be taught to outlanders.
Hotels Hotels The hotels of unique Tibetan style with superior geographical position need to be pre-booked.
Guest rooms Guest rooms It is convenient and efficient for you to stay in the spare rooms of the local people for accommodation everywhere in Danba Jiaju Tibetan Village.
  Transporta Reaching here Land route
You may fly to Chengdu Shuangliu Airport from your destination, and then transfer to Danba Jiaju Tibetan Village by bus.
Land route
You can take a bus at Chengdu Chadianzi Passenger Transport Center or Xinnanmen Bus Station to Danba Jiaju Tibetan Village.
Daocheng Yading
The beauty of Daocheng Yading is almost extinct pureness on the earth, and it is praised as “the last pure land on the water blue planet”. It is not only the heaven for shutterbugs but also a good place for relaxing your mind and body.
Sun protection There is sufficient sunshine. Please prepare sun umbrellas, sunglasses and other sunscreen items for sun protection.
Diet To avoid or relieve the altitude stress, please take medicine under the direction of doctors for prevention in advance.
Traveling time Spring and autumn are the best traveling seasons.
Taboos Please get to know the local culture and customs in advance to avoid unnecessary conflict.