As Sertar’s grandest annual festival, it is recurrence of Tibetan primitive sacrificial culture.
As the gathering for ten thousand people in the largest Buddhist academy which lasts for fifteen days, it is the most authoritative festival for spreading Tibetan culture in China.
Hearing about Sertar Sertar, a pure paradise, is a place where people forget all sorrows and with only nature and pureness of prairie, snow mountains, plateau and meanders left. Folk festivals Sertar Golden Horse Festival Dharma Assembly of Chiming During the first month of Tibetan calendar
  Nice views in Sertar Sertar, capital of Buddhism, has charming humanistic culture and fascinating natural views. In Sertar, you will forget about your sorrows and feel the purest beauty.
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  Taste in Sertar Rich cultural history here has attached mystery and uniqueness to Sertar, as well as its food.
  • Butter tea
    Characterized as the sacred tea for sacrifice, it has unique preparation methods and is a representation of the tea culture on plateau.
  • Tsampa
    It occupies significant place in Tibetan sacrificial culture and is the top of four primary foods of plateau race.
  • Yak milk yogurt
    Based on the unique preparation methods of Tibetan, it is a Tibetan traditional dairy product with thousand years of history.
  • Local specialties
    Medlar in Sertar
    Medlar is a kind of fruit used by Chinese for daily consumption and medicine, and has the fabulous effect for delaying senescence. Sertar is one of the most important production areas of medlar in China.
  • Local specialties
    Anemarrhena asphodeloides
    As a kind of magical medicinal materials originating from the famous Chinese ancient book Shennong’s Classic of Material Medica and recorded by many ancient medical books, it grows in harsh environment and is very precious.
  • Local specialties
    Distinct Buddha beads
    As significant articles for transmission of local Tibetan culture, Buddha beads are souvenirs carrying spirituality and nice hopes and are of extraordinary significance.
Hotels Many starred hotels are located in the center of Sertar County, with good location and acquiring advance reserve.
Guesthouses Accommodation provided by local people with spare rooms of their own, distributing all around Sertar with great convenience.
  Transportation Arrival Surroundings
You can choose a flight to arrive at Shuangliu Airport from your place and then take a bus to Sertar.
Landway transportation
You can take a regular bus to Sertar from Chengdu Chadianzi Bus Station or Xinnanmen Bus Station.
Jiuzhai Valley
Jiuzhai Valley is listed in the World Heritage and is a national natural reserve of China, known as the most beautiful water views of China. It has stunning sceneries such as mountains and lakes, waterfalls, colorful forests, snowy peaks and blue ice. A fantastic fairy tale world is waiting for you.
Keeping warm Please take enough warm clothes, because the temperature difference is rather big between day and night and average temperature is rather low for its high elevation.
Foods Please eat more vegetables, fruits and other substances rich in vitamin to avoid or reduce altitude stress.
Tourist time The best tourist time every year is May to October.
Taboos Please learn local cultural customs in advance, to respect local religious customs and avoid unnecessary conflicts.