Mouni Valley
Held every fifteenth of May in Chinese lunar calendar, it is a grand festival welcoming summer for Tibetans.
It is a Tibetan traditional festival combining commercial activities and singing and dancing entertainment, evolved from commercial activities focused on pottery trades in ancient China.
Hearing about Mouni Valley In tie with the “Jade-Like Pools” in Huanglong and the “colored ponds” in Jiuzhai Valley, Mouni Valley integrates the beauty of both while is more original and pure. Folk festivals Zhuojin Festival Zhachong Festival
  Nice views in Mouni Valley Mouni Valley has the loneliest views, with everything quiet and feeling like in a fairyland, and you can listen to every sound of the nature here.
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  Taste in Mouni Valley Each dish presents the unique beauty and stories of each place.
  • Braised Male Duck with Aweto
    With precious traditional Chinese medicinal herbs aweto as ingredient and featuring meticulous preparation and long cooking duration, it is a first-class tonic for Tibetan daily meals.
  • Chicken Stewed with Fritillaries
    Fritillaries— the noble among medicinal herbs, are stewed with unique chicken in Mouni Valley, to present you a special-made Tibetan nutritious dish.
  • Highland Barley Wine
    Made by the unique grain on plateau— highland barley, it is a kind of indispensible wine to drink for Tibetan in festivals.
  • specialties
    Chinese herbal medicine
    As one of the famous production areas for traditional Chinese medicinal herbs on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, here provides all kinds of traditional Chinese medicinal herbs.
  • specialties
    Listed in the famous medical book Compendium of Material Medica written in ancient China, it is a kind of precious wild mushroom growing at high elevation, and its value is in line with the precious Chinese herbal medicine aweto.
  • specialties
    Dairy products
    It has been a tradition of thousands of years for local residence to raise cows. Local people make edible dairy products such as milk curd, milk skin with skills which will never let out to other people.
  Accommodation Live far away from your daily life and feel the fairyland on earth, stay in this Shangri-La.
Hotels Numerous options of hotels with different star levels and good environment.
Guesthouses Experience daily life of Tibetan.
  Transportation Arrival Surroundings
Take a flight to Jiuzhaihuanglong Airport from Shuangliu Airport, and then choose self-driving or chartered vehicles to go to Mouni Valley upon arrival.
Landway transportation
Take a regular bus to Songpan County from Chengdu Chadianzi Bus Station or Xinnanmen Bus Station, and then go to Mouni Valley by self-driving or chartered vehicles.
Listed in the World Heritage, Huanglong is titled as “Symbol of China”. It is well-known for its “Four Miracles”: colored pools, snow mountains, gorges and forests, and is the only one well-preserved plateau wetland.
Clothes The temperature difference is rather big in scenic spots, please take enough warm clothes.
Customs Please respect living and beliefs of local ethnic minorities to avoid conflicts.
Driving Do remember to take anti-slip chains when driving in winter. The driving speed shall not be too fast when on roads covered with ice and snow, and keep in mind safety comes first.
Taboos Please learn local cultural customs in advance to avoid unnecessary conflicts.