Xiling Snow Mountain Scenic Spot
International Ice & Snow Festival is held on Xiling Snow Mountain every year since 2001, which is a “fatal attraction” to the world’s ski amateurs.
There is “Summer Tourism Festival” with different themes in every July - September on Xiling Snow Mountain with everything that you expect to find, such as music, tents and carnival.
Feeling Xiling Xiling Snow Mountain is the world natural heritage - “Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuaries”, which has a title of “the First Peak in Chengdu, Sichuan” covered with snow all the year round. Events and festivals International Ice & Snow Festival Summer Tourism Festival
  Beautiful sceneries in Xiling Changeable characteristics of the nature are all shown here, the gradient air temperature zone contributes to quite different beautiful natural sceneries.
Natural scenic spots Journey strategy Travel notes
  Tastes in Xiling Each dish of savory food is the words of the conversation between people and nature.
  • Tofu pudding
    It is one of the most popular delicacies of Dayi County, Sichuan, where Xiling Snow Mountain is located, which is made of the first-rate soybean and rice powder integrating the fresh, soft, sour, hot, spicy and other tastes.
  • Rainbow trout
    It is cold water fish at the foot of Xiling Snow Mountain. This kind of fish is delicate and delicious, and is a dish you must taste during your journey to Xiling Snow Mountain.
  • Xiling spicy fermented bean curd
    This kind of fermented bean curd is traditional folk food of Han people with a history of thousands of years, which is improved and given specific characteristics on Xiling Snow Mountain.
  • Specialties
    Snow mountain-bean
    It is the local specialty containing abundant nutritional value on Xiling Snow Mountain, which is applied for making such multiple foods as dishes and sweetmeats.
  • Specialties
    It is not only the favorite of pandas, but also the standing dish on the table of local people because of its abundant nutrition and delicious taste.
  • Specialties
    It grows in the woodland, mountains and plains and pinewood, which is green edible wild herbs without any pollution, containing various vitamins necessary for human body with the efficacy to clean intestinal, invigorate stomach, stimulate the circulation of blood and cause the muscles and joints to relax.
  Accommodation Spending one night here, you can enjoy the sunshine on the snow mountain in the early morning and the embrace of hot springs on the snow mountain.
Hotels Hotels for enjoying the sceneries They are located in Xiling Snow Mountain Scenic Spot with a distance of a few minutes’ walk to the traffic station and tourism ropeway, and a stretch of hills opposite to the houses.
within Xiling Snow Mountain Scenic Spot, Dayi County
Hotels Hotels for enjoyment Huashuiwan Celebrity Resort is an area with many hot springs at the foot of Xiling Snow Mountain, integrating with hot spring, health preservation and health care.
Huashuiwan Town, Dayi County
  Transportation Reaching here Neighborhood
The nearest airport from Xiling Snow Mountain Scenic Spot is Chengdu Shuangliu Airport, after you fly to Chengdu, you need to transit here by bus.
Land route
You can take a bus at Chengdu Jinsha Bus Station to Xiling Snow Mountain Scenic Spot after a whole journey of approximately 110km.
Anren Ancient Town
It is about 60km away from Xiling Snow Mountain, which was initially built in Tang Dynasty of China. Its special architecture style is praised as the architectural culture boutique in western Sichuan.
Weather Due to the peculiarity of gradient air temperature zone, the weather is rather changeable, so please keep warm in the morning and evening.
Hiking Xiling Snow Mountain is characterized in its primordial landform, which is suitable for hiking, so it is suggested that you wear sneakers, hiking shoes and the like.
Driving The accumulated snow on the roadbed easily leads to accidents, so please drive with caution in the case that you drive by yourselves to Xiling Snow Mountain Scenic Spot.
Taboos It is a taboo to touch the head top of Tibetans and it is not allowed to step over ritual instruments of Buddhist and braziers.