Jiuzhai Valley National Park
Tibetan New Year originates from calculation of Tibetan lunar calendar. Grand sacrifice rites and prayers will be held in Tibetan villages on this day.
Memorial Ceremony for Mountains is also known as Mountain Pilgrimage. On 15th day of each lunar month, Tibetans from Jiuzhaigou Valley, Nanping and Songpan will come to Zhayi Zhaga Mountain for pilgrimage.
Jiuzhai’s Culture As an important station on China’s Southern Silk Road, Jiuzhai Valley (also as Jiuzhaigou Valley) is a place full of ancient ethnic culture. Ethnic festivals The Tibetan New Year Festival mount
  Jiuzhai’s Beautiful Scenery Each scenic spot here is a place of departure leading to dreams and fairy tales.
Natural sights Travel strategy Travel diary
  Jiuzhai’s flavor Every kind of tasty food represents its unique interpretation for nature.
  • Buttered tea
    Buttered tea is a peculiar cultural symbol of Tibetans in China. It is beneficial for health as a daily drink and is the first course to welcome distinguished guests coming from afar.
  • Cheese momo
    Cheese momo is made of milk dregs resolved from boiled fresh yak milk through traditional and unique method by Tibetans.
  • Glutinous potato cake
    This typical glutinous cake is a traditional Chinese food made of steamed potato mashed thick in a wooden barrel.
  • Streets
    Bianbian Street
    The street is known as the fourth most popular street in tourist areas of China, in which many distinctive tourist commodities are provided for visitors.
  • Souvenirs
    Tibetan-style shawl
    The Tibetan-style shawl has abundant colors and peculiar patterns, which contains essence of Tibetan culture.
  • Entertainment
    Dancing & singing performance of Tibetan and Qiang ethnic minorities
    Locating in Jarpo ancient town, Jiuzhai Paradise Grand Theatre with the world largest indoor stage is the best for enjoying the dancing & singing performance of Tibetan and Qiang ethnic minorities.
  Accommodation Global chain hotels and folk inns are available for staying and enjoying the night view of Jiuzhai.
Hotels The hotels are surrounded by mountains. You can have a panoramic view of the scenery from the windows. A shuttle bus is available to go to the scenic spots.
Jiuzhaigou zhangzha town Ganhaizi a fan of ancient city
Youth hostel As the earliest-opened hotel for independent travelers in Jiuzhaigou Valley, it only takes less than 10 minutes to the gate of the scenic region by walk.
Jiuzhaigou Mizoguchi Feng Peng Village
  Transportation Arrival Nearby regions
At present, the non-stop flight from Shuangliu Airport in Chengdu to Huanglong Airport in Jiuzhai is the most convenient way taking only 45 minutes.
Land route
You can get to Jiuzhaigou National Park departuring from Xinnanmen Bus Station and Chadianzi Bus Station in Chengdu by non-stop buses and the total distance is about 490km.
Ruoergai Scenic Region
With a distance of more than 200km from Jiuzhaogou Nationl Park, Ruoergai Scenic Region has the most famous First Bend of the Yellow River in China; meanwhile, the Flower Lake in Ruoergai is also one of the beautiful sceneries you should not miss out.
Seasons Jiuzhaigou Valley receives the most tourists from late spring to early fall; September and October are the best visiting mouths.
Dressing The temperature difference between day and night is large in Jiuzhaigou Valley. You should bring along with enough clothes for keeping warm.
Sun protection Excellent natural climatic environment brings about plenty of ultraviolet irradiation. You need to pay much attention to sun protection especially in summer.
Taboos It is a taboo to touch the head top of Tibetans and it is not allowed to step over ritual instruments of Buddhist and braziers.