Traveling with Light & Shadows Enjoying the Most Beautiful Sichuan in Films China, the world’s second largest film market following the United States, gathers countless films at home and abroad.Many films have been shot here for scenes, integrating the culture with beautiful scenery for the perfect interpretation of Chinese culture. They make the world pay attention to China and understand China.You are welcome to visit the famous film scenes and personally experience everything of the film characters on this land.
Step 1Mount Qingcheng - Scene of Kung Fu Panda
Step 2Jiuzhaigou Valley - Scene of Journey to the West
  • Transportation taking a bus self-driving taking a chartered car
  • Actors in Journey to the West Liuxiaolingtong Xu Shaohua Chi Chongrui
  • Recommended scenic spots Colorful forests known as one of “six unique of Jiuzhaigou” Green lakes the endlessly changeable “water landscape”. Overlaying waterfalls the heart-shaking beautiful scenery makes visitors linger on.
  • Accommodation youth hostels folk guest rooms starred hotels
Step 3Xichang
taking a chartered car
Fan Bingbing
Zhang Aijia
Demenrenli experiencing the life style of old Chengdu.
Brick culture wallChina’s first museum taking bricks as the carrier.
youth hostels,
starred hotels