Enjoying Sichuan Tea - Tasting Chinese Flavor China, the home of teaIn China, tea has been a kind of drink for etiquette to entertain the guests since the ancient times. It is the contribution of Chinese people to the diet culture of the world, and also the contribution of people in southern ancient China to the Chinese diet culture.Exploring the tea culture, personally smelling the aroma and fragrance and feeling the unique charm of Sichuan is a travel experience you may not miss.
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  • Xianzhizhujian Emei Xueya Zhuyeqing
  • Golden Summit with copper casting statue far bigger than anyone that comes later Yingbin rock patch symbolic landscape of Mount Emei. Diyishan Pavilion the biggest pavilion on the mountain in China.
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Step 3Meishan
taking a bus
Longdu Xiangming
Longdu scented tea
Giant Buddha in Rong County the world’s biggest statue of Buddha Shakyamuni.
Confucious’ temple in Fushun a grand building of China’s Song Dynasty.