Cool Summer Resort Sichuan is a most livable place in China with four distinct seasons, humid climate and mild weather. With the softly breezes and memorable fascinating summer landscapes, the cool and refreshing Sichuan will make you unwilling to leave. A trip to Sichuan in hot summer is the best choice for you to escape the summer heat.
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  • Bobo Chicken Noodles with Soup-stock Mutton with Lambskin
  • Pingle Ancient Town Drifting beautiful sceneries and stimulations all along the route Brick and Tile Kiln Site of Sui and Tang Dynasties “Qiong kiln” is one of the most famous ceramic kilns in ancient China. Tiantai Mountain one of the habitats of the giant panda.
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Yibin Flammable Noodles
Famous Dishes of Bamboo Sea
Shunan Bamboo Seaone of the most beautiful forests in China.
Shihai Dongxianga world-class Geopark.
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