The Fast and the Furious on Snow Many people will think of north at the mention of skiing. Actually in Sichuan, there are many ski resorts. You not only can freely ski on mountains to release yourself, but also stop to appreciate the landscape covered with white snow. What a happy thing!
  • Taiziling Ski Resort The first choice of skiers Chinese Ancient Castle of Erma Feel the culture of Qiang nationality Songping Valley It is called “small Jiuzhai Valley”
  • Potato Glutinous Rice Cake The characteristic of Qiang nationality Noodle Slice with Pickled Cabbage Traditional Dinner of Tibetan nationality Handmade Buckwheat Noodle Fragrant and tasty
  • Hotel in Chinese Ancient Castle of Erma Shenpiao Mountain Villa in Songping Valley International Hotel at Jiuding Mountain
Step 3Wawu Mountain
High Mountain Leidongping Ski Resort With professional imported skiing equipment
Ecological Monkey Region Very clever
Buddhist Cuisine in Wannian Temple Famous all over the country
Three Incomparable Food of Emei MountainLight, freshLight, fresh and fragrant and fragrant
Hongzhushan Hotel
3077 Inn at Emei Mountain