Viewing the wonderful scenery in precipitous places Stretching 2034km, the north line of Sichuan-Tibet Highway hovers up and down between high mountains and deep gullies with the highest altitude of 5050m, pounding your heart everywhere and stirring your emotions from time to time. The ever-changing natural sceneries and the mysterious ancient cultural sites will bring you unprecedented challenges, impacting your vision and shocking your soul. Set foot on the road of adventure, you can enjoy both the absolute beauty and the mind baptism.
  • Transportation Motor vehicle Chadianzi Bus Station 2 shifts/day
  • Food Pomegranate honey apple
  • Recommended scenic spots Danba Valley of Beauties challenge of hiking, harvesting the most beautiful scenery Jiaju Tibetan Village the top of the “Six Most Beautiful Ancient Town in China” Dang Ridge well-preserved original natural ecological system
  • Accommodation Stars Hotel Youthotel GuestHouse Inn
Transportation (from Daofu to Luhuo) by chartered bus
Corn Steamed Bun
Tibetan-style Ese Tea
Kasa Lakethe largest waterfowl habitat of Northern line of Sichuan and Tibet
Mibale Peaceful Holy Landwonderful legends
Special B & B
  • Transportation by chartered bus
  • Food Corn Cervi Pantotrichum Bulb of Fritillary
  • Recommended scenic spots Niubei Mountain the “Largest Viewing Platform in China”, the superexcellent place for picture-taking Daocheng Yading honored as “the Last Shambhala”, the last hidden beauty. Gongga Mountain Gongga Mountain, the King of Sichuan Mountains, the strongest challenges of the climbers
  • Accommodation Youthotel Inn Special B & B