Original Ecological Views in Western Sichuan A place filled with green grasses and where the waters seem to melt into the sky. When in the western Sichuan areas, the views you see may be the bustling city, or simple, elegant and picturesque ecological views. Throw away the complicated worries while in the city and come to explore the original ecological views in Western Sichuan. Just give your heart a break.
  • Loquat with tender and juicy flesh, it is the specialty of Shimian County Walnut one of the specialties of Shimian. Shimian’s buckwheat one of the area’s major food products.
  • Anshunchang Ferry one of the historical and cultural sites protected at the provincial level Tianwan River scenic spot it has rolling mountains and boasts the famous wonder of “golden mountain in the sunshine”. Shangli Ancient Town the famous historical and cultural town of Sichuan, and also one of the “Top Ten Ancient Towns” of Sichuan.
  • Taking a bus Chengdu– Shimian, the buses set off from Shiyangchang Bus Station with 15 shifts a day. Taking a bus Ya’an– Shimian, 2 bus stations with 13 shifts a day. Self-drive Chengdu– Shimian, 3.5 hours drive.
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Step 3 Shade
Fragrance pig legsa famous and delicious dish for treating guests on festivals.
Chanterelle, morels and boletus the only products of Ganzi Prefecture which can earn foreign exchange through exports.
Luding Bridgethe original site in the story of Red Army where the event of dashing through the Luding Bridge took place.
Jinhua Temple a strange while distinctive temple.
Self-drive 5 hours drive from Chengdu.
Taking a busset off from Chengdu New South Gate Bus Station where 1 shift is provided each day.
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