A Nationality on Clouds —— A trip to Aba prefecture As one of the oldest nationalities of Chinese ethnic minorities, most Qiang people are living in the alpine region with an elevation of 2,000m in Aba prefecture of Sichuan. They are called “A Nationality on Clouds”. The Qiang people who live in original natural highland surrounded by clouds and fogs are living far from the world, thus a unique mysterious and absorbing culture of Qiang is formed.
  • Beichuan Preserved Pork Fermented Glutinous Rice Sour and Hot Buckwheat Noodles
  • Yaowang Valley the first holiday resort themed as health maintenance by Traditional Chinese Medicine Jiuhuang Mountain Yuanwang (Ape King) Cave the first largest karst cave in high mountain of Southwest China Xiaozhaizi Valley has a original forest with rich resources
  • Self-driving It only takes 50 minutes to arrive at Beichuan from Mianyang. Chartered bus There are 62km from Mianyang to Beichuan, you can get there by a chartered bus Bus You can take bus from Mianyang Passenger Station to Beichuan County. There is only 1 shift a day.
  • Mianyang New Beichuan Hotel Located in Erma Road, Beichuan County Beichuan Ruyigang Business Hotel Located in Binjiang Road in Beichuan New County Beichuan Renhe Spring Hotel Located in Danan Street, Anchang Town, Beichuan Qiang Minority Autonomous County
Step3Mao County
Stirred Corn Paste
Lily Crisp
Bipeng Valley Scenic Spot a famous place for hiking in China
Miyaluo Valley Scenic Spot one of the largest scenic spot for viewing red leaves in China
Self-drivingIt only takes 45 minutes to arrive at Li County from Wenchuan.
Chartered busThere are 50km from Wenchuan to Li County, you can get there by a chartered bus
Bipeng Valley Namu Lake Hotel in Li County, Aba PrefectureLocated in Bipeng Valley Scenic Spot
Shalang HotelLocated in Taoping Qiang Village, Li County