Authentic Taste of Famous Cuisines Sichuan, the birthplace of Chinese culture, is also the birthplace of food culture, which goes back to ancient times. As one of the eight cuisines in China, Sichuan cuisine becomes the most iconic culture of Chinese delicious food with its carefully selected materials, special flavor and long history.
  • Bobo Chicken Qiaojiao Beef Sweet-skin Spiced Duck
  • Emei Farm Food Restaurant the attractive new style of Sichuan cuisine Yang Laoer’s Qiaojiao Beef a famous restaurant of decades of years Grass Roots the tasty Sichuan cuisine high cost performance.
  • Self-driving It only takes 2 hours to arrive Leshan from Chengdu. Chartered bus The whole distance between Chengdu and Leshan is 169km; you can get to Leshan by chartered bus. Bus You can take a bus at the Chengdu Beimen Bus Station to Leshan. There are multiple shifts every day.
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Step 3 Neijiang
Da Da Noodles
Cai’s Duck
Guo’s Da Da Noodles a famous street noodle restaurant
Mingshan Cai’s Duck one of the restaurants of Cai’s Duck you must try.
星级酒店 雅安西門汽車站 位於雅安市西門北路17號
快捷酒店 自貢到雅安,全程約226公里,3小時可達
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