Taste All Famous Sichuan Cuisines in One Day Chinese cuisine occupies an important position in world cuisine. Sichuan cuisine, as one of the Eight Chinese Cuisines, is an ultimate pursuit for the domestic and overseas gourmet masters. Spending a day strolling in the streets of Sichuan to taste the delicious foods, you can have a perfect enjoyment for your taste bud and feel an absolute impact from Chinese food culture.
  • Self-driving It only takes 30 minutes to arrive here from Wenshufang. Public transportation You can take bus No. 37 from Wenshufang to Chunxi Road. Metro You can take Metro Line 1 from Wenshufang and interchange to Line 2 to Chunxi Road.
  • Long’s Wantons one of the famous Sichuan snacks. Pig Feet Soup a superior food for maintaining beauty and keeping young Roasted Porcine Brain spicy and hot taste stimulates your taste bud.
  • Tianfu Square Sichuan Jincheng Art Palace
  • Bavin Door Feel Located in Taikoo Li Long’s Wantons Located in Chunxi Road. Jinlu Sichuan Cuisine Located in Chicony Plaza of Chunxi Road.
Step 3 Jinli
TaxiIt may take about 20 yuan from Yulin Shenghuo Square to Kehua Road by taking a taxi.
Public transportationYou can take No. 92 bus from Yulin Shenghuo Square to Kehua Road.
Pot of Rabbit Meat the spicy taste makes you cannot stop eating.
Rana Grylio and Fish Head the most popular Sichuan cuisine.
Sichuan University
Grandma’s KitchenLocated in No. 143, North Kehua Road, Wuhou District
Dazhaimen Hot PotLocated in No. 10, Kehua Street, Wuhou District.