Feelings of Plateau Jiarong Culture Journey China is one of the few multi-ethnic countries in the world with 56 nationalities.Many minorities live on the land of Sichuan with rich and colorful national customs.On the Western Sichuan Plateau, the thousand-year mysterious nationality - Jiarong Tibetan is still glorious today. As the subline of ancient Tibetan, it is charismatic and still at the height of civilization dominating on the Snowy Plateau, retaining the most primitive style and features.
  • Yak meat fromage pastry ironed
  • Songpinggou Valley Xisuo local dwelling houses Zhuokeji chieftain’s official stockade village
  • Self-driving Taking a chartered bus Taking a bus
  • Maerkang Celebrity Haoting Hotel Maerkang Jiarong Grand Hotel Maerkang Xueyushangyou Grand Hotel
Step 3Jinchuan County
Fermented milk
Xiaojin apple
Balang Mountain Passrisk together with beautiful scenery along the way
Majiagou Scenic Areawith shockingly beautiful scenery of rare stones
Self-drivingIt takes 1hr for the whole journey of 60km from Danba to Xiaojin by self-driving
Car sharingIt takes only RMB30 from Danba to Xiaojin by car sharing though there are no scheduled buses.
Jiarong Sunshine Hotel at Siguniang MountainIt is located at Siguniangshan Town, Xiaojin County (near to S303)
Lianhua Boutique Inn, Siguniang Mountain, XiaojinIt is located at Changping Village, Rilong Town, Xiaojin County