Tastes in Chengdu —Tastes along No.154 bus route China has been known as the “kingdom of cuisine”, and Chinese delicious food occupies an extremely important position in the world food. Sichuan is rated as “city of food” in China. Personally tasting Sichuan food can be both memorable and wonderful experience in your life journey. In Sichuan, there is a bus route along which you can enjoy delicious food, which is hidden among the prosperous sceneries, just like a strip linking the famous old restaurants in Sichuan to give you the best taste.
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  • Restaurants Huaxing Street Fried Egg Noodles Maopai Hot Pot Dishes He’s Cold Pot Fish
  • Particularly recommended Pot-stewed beef - symbol dish at Maopai Hot Pot Dishes. Tomato fried egg noodles - uncommonly light and tasty dish in Sichuan. Brown sugar zongzi - purely handmade traditional Chinese food.
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Step3 Guiwangqiao South
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Mingting Restaurant
Wang’s Specialty Guokui
Uncongealed beancurd
Brown sugar guokui
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  • Transportation walking self-driving taking a bus
  • Delicious food Mao’s Maocai Xianlaotou Noodles with Pork Liver, Affordable Duck Braised with Beer
  • Particularly recommended Pot-stewed beef representative of Maocai. Noodle with pork liver particular noodle soup seasoning. Duck braised with beer spicy and hot impact receiving either praise or abuse.
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