Having Funs in “Ancient Shu” Enjoying the Distinctive Culture Sichuan is a treasured place with several-thousand-year history.It has both modern style and rich historical accumulation. The skyscrapers represent the modern prosperity; the ancient streets and alleys show the several-thousand-year lasting appeal. You are welcome to Sichuan and enjoy China’s distinctive culture.
Step 2An’ren Ancient Town, Dayi County
  • traffic bus Self driving Chartered
  • Food braised pork with chestnuts fried cake mayouya
  • Recommended scenic spots Renhe Centre Street former residence of China’s war generals Liushi Manorial Museum unusual manor houses building group Anren Middle School a hundred-year-old campus.
  • Accommodation youth hostels folk guest rooms starred hotels
Step 3Zigong Sichuan Opera Troupe
Self driving
Shang mask with exaggerated eyes
Shang bronze sacred tree
Graveyard in Rensheng Village having an important archaeological value.
Sacrificial pitre-examining the origin of Chinese ancient civilization.
youth hostels
starred hotels