Hearing about Zigong Zigong is a famous historical and cultural city of China, well known around the world for the salt. Its towns, counties and city are all established due to its salt.The long history of producing salt by brine mining can be traced back to ancient China. The only one wooden brine mining derrick crown which can peak at tens of meters further signifies Zigong’s important status in the long history. Its title as “A Millennial City Rich in Salt” is known all around the world.
Traveling in Zigong Zigong has many nice titles: “the Home of Dinosaurs”, “a City Renowned for the Lantern Festival in Southern China”, half area of mountains and rivers with half area of tall buildings, see the nature and feel the nature even in center of the city, etc. Wandering about in the city with green mountains and clean waters, you can savor the leisure feeling from the Fuxi River.
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Bus Terminal of Zigong City Railway Station of Zigong City
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Sunscreen The weather difference in Zigong between day and night is rather big, please wear appropriate clothes.
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