Nanchong City
Hearing about Nanchong City China is the earliest country in reeling and knitting silk in the world. The silk trade facilitates the progress of Chinese and western economic & cultural exchange and has made a great contribution to the magnificent world. As “China’s City of Silk”, Nanchong always enjoys a good reputation as “Bashu cultural resort, famous state of silk & brocade of Qin and Han Dynasties”. With mysterious and dignified history for over 3000 years, it has attracted thousands upon thousands of people in admiration for the silk culture with over a thousand-year of history.
Traveling in Nanchong Nanchong is the millennium city of silk and Jialing River runing throug the city has a long history. It has many scenic spots and historic sites with lovely scenes; and its unique connotation is more fascinating with deep local culture and millennium of history infiltration.
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Haoya Dongfanghuayuan Hotel It is located at No. 38, Songlin Road, Gaoping District, Nanchong City. Yuhao Hotel It is located at No. 1, Wenhua Road, Shunqing District, Nanchong City
Taking a train Nanchong Railway Station is located at No. 1, Tiexin Road, Shunqing District, Nanchong. Every day, there are multiple shifts of trains to Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and other cities. Taking a bus Nanchong Passenger Transportation Center is located in Jiaxi Road, Nanchong City. Every day, there are buses coming and going at full strength between Nanchong and Chengdu, Mianyang and various cities in Sichuan.
The climate is mild in Nanchong.
Route Please prepare a traveling route plan in advance. Attention Put on or take off your clothes according to the temperature change.
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