Chengdu City
Sichuan Minshan Hotel
Tel: 028-85583333
Address: 55 Section 2, Renmin Nanlu, Chengdu

The Sichuan Minshan Hotel is located in the downtown area of Chengdu. It provides guests with a superb dining experience and through the stunning full glass windows has extensive views of the beautiful scenery of the downtown area. The hotel has design elements of both Sichuan culture and international fashion, winning it the Best Design Award for Art Display in the international Idea-Tops award. 

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Sheraton Chengdu Lido Hotel
Tel: 028-86768999
Address: 15 Section 1, Renmin Zhonglu, Chengdu

Located in the downtown area and central business district, this hotel is in an excellent location, with convenient facilities for shopping, sightseeing, and entertainment nearby. It has previously been named the Best Business Hotel in Chengdu by Business Traveler, a well-known travel magazine.

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InterContinental Century City Chengdu
Tel: 028-85349999
Address: 88 Century City Road, Chengdu

Adjacent to Tianfu Software Park, the InterContinental Century City Chengdu has deluxe rooms and suites with unique features. It offers global and local delicacies, and has a large open-plan banquet area, one of the largest in southwestern China. There is a beautiful lake scene at the entrance to the banquet area making an exquisite and elegant dining environment.

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Shangri-La Hotel Chengdu
Tel: 028-88889999
Address: 9 Binjiang Donglu, Chengdu

Shangri-La Hotel Chengdu is a flagship in the Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts group in southwestern China. Located in the downtown area, the hotel offers a bird's eye view of the picturesque Jin River. Adjacent to Languifang Commercial Street, Chengdu's latest fashion landmark, the hotel has luxurious climate-controlled indoor swimming pools and gyms and other cutting-edge facilities. Guests can relax in the unique health-nurturing environment created by Shangri-La.
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Zigong City
Ying Xiang JinJiang Tower
Tel: 0813-8233333
Address: 333 Huixing Road, Zigong

Located at the intersection of Donghui and Huixing Roads in Huidong District, Zigong, the Ying Xiang JinJiang Tower offers premium facilities and exemplary service. With more than 200 professional hospitality staff members, and national-level chefs, this hotel delivers a wonderful gourmet experience for business travelers, tourists, and local people alike.

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Panzhihua City
Panzhihua University Hotel
Tel: 0812-3370888
Address: 10 Airport Road, Panzhihua

Located on the right-hand side of the upper gate of Panzhihua University, Panzhihua University Hotel is conveniently located for transport services and is an ideal hotel for people traveling for business and government purposes, conferences, and sightseeing. With a complete range of catering options, the hotel offers Chinese aristocratic cuisine, Jianghu cuisine, and local food, as well as catering for buffets, and wedding and birthday banquets.

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Luzhou City
Luzhou Jiucheng Hotel
Tel: 0830-3159999
Address: 71 Shangpingyuan Road, Luzhou

Located in the downtown area of Luzhou, the Luzhou Jiucheng Hotel covers an area of 38,488 square meters with a total floor area of 35,834 square meters. It is on the site of the former Yang Sen Mansion, and is easily recognizable by its vast expanse of trees and is known for its long history. With unique architecture and landscape design combined with an elegant ambient environment, the hotel is an ideal choice for any type of traveler. 

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Deyang City
Sichuan Pacific International Hotel
Tel: 0838-2908888
Address: 8 Zhujiang Donglu, Deyang

The Sichuan Pacific International Hotel, the only five star Hotel in Deyang, is the largest urban garden hotel in the city and has the most complete set of functions and facilities. It has 242 well-appointed guest rooms, including standard deluxe rooms, large-bed deluxe rooms, deluxe suites, standard business rooms, and business suites. It is an ideal place for business, sightseeing, and leisure.

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Mianyang City
Fulejiuzhou International Hotel
Tel: 0816-2284888
Address: 1 Section 1, Furong Road, Mianyang

The Fulejiuzhou International Hotel became the first international five star hotel in Mianyang City in April 13, 2009, having been elevated from a four star garden hotel which it had been since May 2002. It is a scenic 5-hour drive from the hotel to the world-class Jiuzhai Valley Scenic Zone, and a 4-hour drive to the Mt Emei Scenic Zone.

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Guangyuan City
Guangyuan International Hotel
Tel: 0839-3296222
Address: 555 Juguo Road, Dongcheng Development Area, Guangyuan
Located in the central part of the Dongcheng Development Area, Guangyuan International Hotel sits alongside the Nanhe River and is adjacent to Lizhou Square, and therefore is complete with exquisite scenery, a pleasant environment, and convenient transportation. It has seven standard meeting rooms, as well as smaller meeting rooms, and large rooms covering the full gamut of standards that can meet the requirements of all types of conferences. It has a wide range of facilities such as a fitness center, a business center, and a shopping center.

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Suining City:
Oriental International Hotel
Tel: 0825-7810888
Address: Penglai Town, Daying County, Suining
Located in the Oriental Ecological Tourism Resort in Daying County, Suining - the Pearl in Sichuan - the Oriental International Hotel is very conveniently located to transportation, and is 1.5km from the downtown area. Its typical traditional Chinese restaurant can accommodate 600 diners. The hotel offers a diverse range of fitness and recreation facilities, such as a gym, foot massage, and chess & poker rooms, providing busy business people with a relaxing and pleasant environment for fitness and recreation.

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Neijiang City
Neijiang Yunheng Hotel
Tel: 0832-2200066
Address: 123 Shuangsu Road, Shizhong District, Neijiang
The Neijiang Yunheng Hotel is a four star tourism hotel with a wide range of services and facilities, covering guest room services, catering, tea houses, foot massage, health care, SPA, hairdressing, business, shopping, and conferences.

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Leshan City:
Hongzhushan Hotel
Tel: 0833-5525888
Address: Baoguo Temple, Mt Emei

Covering an area of nearly 440,000 square meters and located alongside the Baoguo Temple of Mt Emei, one of China’s four major sacred Buddhism mountains, at the Hongzhushan Hotel guests can hear the morning bells and evening drums coming from the temple and experience the spiritual sense of the holy mountain. The hotel has ancient trees towering towards the sky, sparkling green waterways, the twitter of birds and the fragrance of flowers. With villas back-dropped against bluish mountain forests, the hotel is set in an unparalleled natural environment, and is known as a garden and forest hotel.

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Nanchong City:
Nanchong Wantai Hotel
Tel: 0817-2311888
Address: 1 Tierong Road, Nanchong
Located in the downtown area of Nanchong, the Wantai Hotel, a four star hotel ratified by the Sichuan Provincial Tourism Star Hotels Evaluation Committee, is conveniently located to transport. It is designed in an elegant and delicate green garden style, and it offers a full spectrum of guest rooms, meeting rooms, Chinese restaurants, tea art centers, and recreation centers.

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Meishan City:
Minjiang Donghu International Hotel
Tel: 028-38666033
Address: 1 Huandao Road, Dongpo District, Meishan

The Mingjiang Donghu Hotel conforms to five-star international hotel standards, and is ideal for people traveling on business, for conferences, and on vacation, as it offers extensive tourism and business services. Located in the downtown area of Meishan, it sits alongside the Min River in the south and faces Dongpo Lake in the north. It is conveniently located to transport, and is a 30-minute drive from Chengdu, Leshan, and Mt Emei. The hotel has some quite unique facilities, for example the Zhile Gym, Leizhou Golden Beach, Zhenzhutan Wetland, Giant Waterwheel, Landscape Bridge, Plank Road above the Lake, and a 100-mu (6.67-ha.) Ecological Garden.

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Yibin City:
Eden Resort Hotel Yibin
Tel: 0831-4999999
Address: Zhuhai Town, Changning County, Yibin

The Eden Resort Hotel Yibin covers an area of 300 mu (20ha.), with a peripheral Bamboo Sea stretching dozens of kilometers beyond. The hotel is located in the city of Yibin in southern Sichuan at the upper end of the Yangtze River, where the fragrance of Wuliangye wafts by. There are two nearby national scenic zones – the Southern Sichuan Bamboo Sea and the Xingwen Stone Sea. Guests can really relax at this hotel and enjoy local delicacies and the picturesque scenery. It is a natural oxygen bar, a vacationing paradise, and a land of idyllic beauty.

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Ya'an City:
Ya’an Hongzhu Hotel
Tel: 0835-8018888
Address: 88 Longxi Road, Ya’an

Located in Beijiao Township in Yucheng District, the Hongzhu Hotel covers an area of 35 mu (2.33ha.) and is surrounded by beautiful scenery. It has convenient transportation, and is only 10km from Bifeng Gorge, a famous scenic attraction. It is a modern hotel with a range of business meeting rooms and banquet facilities, so it is especially ideal for business travelers and conferences.

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Ngawa Prefecture:
Sheraton Jiuzhaigou Resort
Tel: 0837-7739988
Address: Jiuzhai Valley Scenic Zone, Ngawa Prefecture

The Sheraton Jiuzhaigou Resort is the first five-star hotel in the Jiuzhai Valley Scenic Zone. Located on the Plateau in western Sichuan, and situated in Jiuzhai Valley, a wonderland of simply stunning scenery, the hotel was built with Tibetan mountain village-style architecture in mind with very distinctive traditional features. 

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Garze Prefecture:
Kangba Hotel
Tel: 0836-2818888
Address: 9 Yulin Road, Kangding New Area, Garzê Prefecture
Located in Kangding New Area, the Kangding Kangba Hotel is adjacent to the New Town Theme Park, an area known for its favorable ecology and  pleasant environment. Built and managed along the lines of the national four star tourism hotels standard, it is the highest-grade recreational and resort hotel in the area with superior services covering catering, accommodation, business, conferences, and leisure.

Hotel reservations: Ctrip, eLong, and Qunar
Liangshan prefecture:
Luguhu Holiday Hotel
Tel: 0834-6391111
Address: Luguhu Town, Yanyuan County, Liangshan Prefecture
Located by the beautiful and mysterious Lugu Lake, the Luguhu Holiday Hotel stands against the mountain and the lake, covering an area of 128mu (8.53ha.). The hotel became a four-star tourism hotel in December 2008, and it is a multi-function resort hotel offering superior services covering guest rooms, catering, entertainment, leisure, tourism, and meetings.

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Chengdu City:
Chengdu BuddhaZen Hotel
Tel: 400-755-8888
Address: B6-6 Courtyard, Wenshufang Street, Qingyang District, Chengdu

Located on the Wenshufang folk culture street, the Chengdu BuddhaZen Hotel typifies the Chinese Zen connotation and traditional Chinese aesthetic, with design elements featuring interlaced paths full of twists and turns. The inn has a large collection of Tangka (painting on silk with embroidery, a well-known form of Tibetan art), antique paintings of ancient characters, and other antiquities.

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Chengdu Nova Traveller’s Lodge
Tel: 028-86950016
Address: 10 Taisheng Beilu, Qingyang District, Chengdu

This hotel is an independent courtyard located in the downtown area. Its European-style buildings are unusual for the area, and the enthusiastic service will relieve you from travel fatigue.

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Chengdu Dragon Town Guest House
Tel: (028)86648408
Address: 26 Wide Lane, Chengdu
The Chengdu Dragon Town Guest House is located in China Lane. At the entrance is a large bright red two-leaf wooden door inlaid with lion head-shaped knockers. The stone lions on each side of the door and the strings of the hanging red lanterns create a sense of safety and warmth. The entire inn is a typical old Chengdu-style courtyard and this, with its century-old history, releases guests in a moment from the chaos of modern city life.
Hotel reservations: Ctrip, eLong, and Qunar
Ibis Chengdu Chunxi Road
Tel: 028-86930088
Address: 20 Section 2, Hongxing Road, Jingjiang District, Chengdu
Located at the intersection of Zongfu and Hongxing Roads, the busiest section of the downtown area, the Ibis Chengdu Chunxi Road offers a quiet environment surrounded by exquisite design and a fashionable decor. Warm and comfortable, it is equipped with five star mattresses, TOTO sanitary ware, 24-hour hot water supply, broadband, full Wi-Fi coverage, and other premium services.

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