Chengdu Leisure Tour

The provincial capital, Chengdu has a long history of leisure pursuits. Despite periods of drought and excessive rain, the city always has plentiful access to food supplies. Thanks... >>

Day1    Route: Wenshufang-China Lane-Qintai Road


By Renmin Zhonglu in downtown Chengdu

China Lane 

 This area consists of three parallel lanes, one wide, one narrow and one hatch-shaped (#), along which there are courtyard compounds. The Wide Lane is for leisure and relaxation while the Narrow Lane is for hip living, where there are world-class retailers and fashion outlets. In the Jingxiangzi, or hatch-shaped, lane there are attractions for young people, particularly around the new bar area of the city.
Kuanxiangzi Alley represents the very typical and traditional folk culture of Chengdu with a few elements: native residents, Longtang Inn, delicate door heads, buttonwoods, old teahouses under the eaves, etc. The most noteworthy is the pavilion to experience the original life of Chengdu people in the past. It displays the everyday life of an ordinary Chengdu family in the Republican period and represents the life state of Chengdu people in the past. Here, you can still see local people chatting with each other and local girls practicing embroidery on Sichuan brocade and impromptu calligraphy and enjoying shadow puppet and puppet show at night.
Zhaixiangzi Alley mainly showcases the courtyard culture of Chengdu, which is characterized by the residences under the sky with moon, in which there are gardens, cabins, courtyards, and trees. The courtyards near the streets are decorated by various shops and restaurants, such as western eateries, fast food bars, cafes, and artistic clubs and salons. Jingxiangzi Alley is themed by bars, night clubs, dessert shops, wedding halls, and theme retailers. The Western Mansion Square is the most characteristic building at Jingxiangzi Alley. The French-style mansion is said to be a private household of a rich family in the past, and later it became a Christian church. Now, the mansion serves as a classic choice for dating and weddings.

West of Changshun Street, Qingyang District, Chengdu

Qintai Road 

The most romantic street in Chengdu, Qintai Road brings together food, wine and fashionable young people. At night, even the lights in the streets seem to whisper a tender story. There are also many characteristic small shops selling Guokui (Crisp Sichuan pastries), tea, and small ornaments.
Qintai Road is located between Tonghuimen and Jinli Road and there are dark blue brick walls and black tiles on roofs, and dark red pillars and bright red lanterns as if it was in the Ming and Qing Dynasties at a glance. The sculptures of Bronze Chariot and Horse, Dragon Heart Lantern, and Phoenix Courtship, Han traditional style tiles on the ground, and the overhanging eaves reveal a strong classical sensibility.

between Tonghuimen and Jinli Road.

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