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Sichuan cuisine justifiably enjoys a worldwide reputation, and Sichuan snack bars around China are acclaimed for their delicate offerings. But that said, only in Sichuan is it poss... >>

Day1    1-Day Food Tour: Foodies' Paradise-Jinli Lane

Near to Chengdu Wuhou Temple , Jinli Lane is gathered with rare landscapes, foods, as well as local customs and practices. In the snack street, there are sidewalk snack vendors and food cooking scene and tables and chairs for guests are set at both sides. The most famous foods here are Sticky Rice, Chinese crispy bread with beef and yellow fermented glutinous rice, the flavor of which can be understood only by those people who once eat those. Jinli Lane is the first choice for foreigners to tour in Chengdu.


No. 180-30, Wuhouci Street, Chengdu, Sichuan

Day2    1-Day Food Tour: Delicacy in Pixian County

When it comes to Sichuan foods, thick broad-bean sauce contributes a great share in this. In the home of Thick Broad-bean Sauce-Pixian County, there is "Sichuan Cuisine Museum" .for food. You can have a visual understanding of repast forms of Sichuan foods here. Pixian County is named as "The Soul of Sichuan Cuisine". Thick broad-bean sauce is necessary for cooking "Double Cooked Pork Slices", "Mapo Tofu", "Fish with Chilli Bean Sauce", as well as hot pot, etc.

No. 8, Ronghua Alley North, Gucheng Town, Pixian County

Day3    1-Day Food Tour: Bean Jelly in Sichuan Chili Sauce - Nanchong

It was invented by Xie Tianlu in Nanchong in the late Qing Dynasty, who set up a stand at the ferry to sell the bean jelly. The bean jelly tastes delicate, fresh and spicy, and gradually becomes widely famed. It is said that his family has sold the bean jelly for generations, and later opened the first bean jelly shop. Currently, it is famous and popular in Sichuan becoming a famous snack.

Day4     1-Day Food Tour: Jianmen Tofu - Guangyuan

Story has it that Jianmen Tofu originated in the Three Kingdoms when Jiang Wei was trapped by the troops of Wei Kingdom. His soldiers and horses were so tired that he ordered them to be locally stationed and made tofu with help of local people, and the horses were fed with bean dregs. Henceforth, the tofu was passed on. Since the soybeans out of Jianmen gravels have good quality, they are made into delicate, tasty and tough tofu by special processing techniques with Jianmen spring water.

Another story is said that Jianmen Tofu was invented by Huainan King Liu An in the Western Han Dynasty, who was very interested in making pills of immortality. He ordered Taoist Bagong to grate soybeans and boil the soybean milk with water and salt and then compress it to tofu. People loved to eat it to build up body, and thus it was listed as the favorite dish of Taoists and the vegetarian dish of Buddhists. As Jianmen Mountain is a famous scenic area for worship of both Buddhism and Taoism, it was later passed on among people, especially the tofu of Guanzhi Temple, which become well known for its attractive shape and good flavors, as poet Su Ping of the Ming Dynasty praised in the poem, "white soybean milk comes out of mill, turning into snowflake-like bean curd in boiling water. After de-watered, it seems like a jade piece by piece cut by knife. Currently, there are over 80 tofu restaurants opening to all visitors who are attracted by its reputation.

Day5    1-Day Food Tour: Deng’s Dishes - Guang'an

Deng’s Dishes refers to the dishes made by Deng Xiaoping's family to entertain guests. It is suitable to people of all ages, with a wide selection at a favorable price, such as cold, fried, stewed, steamed and braised dishes. Eight famous dishes are popular among people: Lean Meat Slices in Chili Sauce, Steamed Pork Slices with Red Bean Paste on Glutinous Rice, Braised Pork with Preserved Vegetable in Soy Sauce, Fried Crisp Pork Sweet Potato Powder (signature Guang'an dish), Sautéed Sliced Pork with Garlic Sprouts and Chili, Pork Rib Soup with Soybean or Turnip or Bamboo Shoots, Boiled Soybean Milk with Vegetables, Deng's signature dish Glutinous Rice Ball and Corn, and the Preserved Vegetables.

Day6    1-Day Food Tour: Hot and Sour Fish - Mianyang

After processed, fish will be flavored by salt, cooking wine, ginger and green onion. Put oil into the pot, fry fish and take it out till the fish skin is tight. Chop in pickled green vegetables into slices. Add wet starch into the pot, put some gourmet powder and chopped green onion and then pour soup into the dish. With strong flavor, especially the strong taste of pickle, the hot and sour fish is full of full-bodied homely flavor of Sichuan. If thick broad-bean sauce doesn't be added, the fish can be cooked into "Pickled Fish", famous traditional dish of Sichuan.

Day7    1-Day Food Tour: Spiced Chicken with Chili Sauce-Ziyang

Pepper and chili are mainly used to cook Sichuan cuisine, namely cooking dishes with paprika powder, fine salt, sesame oil, soybean sauce, aromatic vinegar, sugar, scallion and ginger. Spiced Chicken with Chili Sauce is one of the dishes cooked in this way - flavory, spicy and delicious. It is very popular in Sichuan and now various places, like Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

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