Mt Siguniang Climbing Tour


Day1    Chengdu-Changping Valley


Take a bus to Rilong from the Chengdu Chadianzi Passenger Transportation Station, and then transfer to a coach at the Scenic Zone Tourist Center headed for Changping Valley, which brings you to the back of Mt Siguniang (Four Girls Mountain). Due to the large diurnal temperature range and strong UV radiation, it is advisable to take both thermal clothing and sunscreen.

 Changping Valley 

29km long Changping Valley is 16km away from Siguniang Mountain. Such scenery is located in the valley as Tibetan Buddhism temples, cypresses paths, sea-buckthorn forest, steep waterfall, wild land, Tibetan housings, snow mountains, lakes, deadwood beach, etc. As the road only extends to Tibetan Buddhism Temple 3km away from the valley entrance, tourists can only ride on horses or walk ahead.


Day2    Haizi Valley

 Haizi Valley

With the length of 19.2km, more than 10 mountains are located in the valley, including Large Lake, Flower Lake, Floating Lake, White Lake, Blue Lake and Yellow Lake. Beautiful scenery is reflected on the surface of lakes and flocks of yellow ducks swim on the lakes and birds sing in the forest, which makes lakes lively and vivid.


July and August are the best months for tourism in the Haizi Valley.
To get an extended view of the whole of Mt Siguniang, the best route is along the signed walkway leading from the mouth of Haizi Valley to Dahaizi Valley. This section of the route is in poor condition - there is only a narrow pathway, so hiking is arduous, and the thoroughfare traverses right through the primeval forest.
One of the best experiences here is a taste of the local fare: roasted whole lamb, buttered tea, Qingke liquor, dairy products, yak meat, duck with caterpillar fungus, and other mouth-watering delicacies.

Day3    Return to Chengdu


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