Self-Drive Tour in the Western Sichuan Plateau


Day1    Ruoergai and the Fairy Pool

As well as Jiuzhai Valley (a delightful wonderland) and Huanglong (a so-called jade pool), there are many other beautiful places to see in Ngawa Prefecture, including the vast Ruoergai Wetland Prairie and the ethereal Fairy Pool. There are serene courtyards exploding with the color and fragrance of flowers all along the way from Wenchuan to Li County. There are also houses built from broken stones, reminiscent of Qiang and Tibetan ethnic styles. Watching the clouds hover mysteriously over the mountains, it is tempting to imagine the presence spiritual beings

Day2    Living fossil of ancient Qiang culture

Driving alongside the Zagunao River, a tributary of the Min River, leads to a group of buildings constructed from gravel and rubble, with tall watchtowers reaching high into the sky: this is the world’s only well-preserved ancient Qiang village - Taoping Qiang Village. Experts and scholars liken it to a mysterious Oriental Castle, perpetuating the ancient Qiang people’s custom of living in yurts. There is much to be learnt here about the history and infinite wisdom of ancient Qiang culture and its people.

Day3    Moon Bay in Miyaluo

Driving westward leads to the legendary Miyaluo, known as Moon Bay. Starting with the Miyaluo road signs, all the way along there is a helpful snippet of advice: “Red leaves tour route. Slow down.” Here the most charming side of Miyaluo can be found. According to local people, every autumn the trees are covered with spectacular red leaves, making a dazzling and enchanting picture of nature.

Day4    Flower Lake-Chengdu

The Western Sichuan Highway continues on to a scenic area called Flower Lake …... but there are no flowers! In fact, the lake is just a natural lake on the Rerdaba Grassland; actually, there are three lakes nearby each other on the grassland, and Flower Lake is the middle one. It reflects sunshine and the shadow of the blue sky, and at certain periods during the day it is virtually impossible to see any clear boundaries between these three lakes.


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