Panda Habitat World Cultural Heritage Tour


Day1    One-day Tour

Established in 1987 and located on Futou Mountain in the north suburb of Chengdu, Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, 10km from downtown Chengdu via Xiongmao Avenue (also called Panda Avenue), now has been listed as one of main bases for protecting rare and endangered wild animals such as giant pandas in China. The number of giant pandas is increased from 6 to 70. Giant Panda Museum is an ideal place to know giant pandas and return back to nature, housing a variety of rare data and exhibitions. In addition to giant panda, lesser panda, black-necked crane, white stork, white swan, block swan, wild goose, mandarin duck, peacock and other animals are breeding here leisurely.


Bus numbers 107 and 532 shuttle between Chengdu Zhaojue Temple and the Research Base. As pandas are semi-nocturnal and therefore sleep in the middle of the day, it is advisable to arrive at the Base before 9:30am.


There are some other recommended panda habitats well worth a visit, namely the Bifeng Valley and Wolong Research Bases for Giant Panda Breeding



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