Hailuogou Glacier Theme Tour


Day1    Chengdu-Hailuogou


This is a full one-day trip by bus, which heads off along the Chengdu-Ya’an Expressway, turning at Shimian onto the Sichuan Provincial Highway 211 in the direction of Maoziping Bridge in Luding County, and on to the final destination – Hailuogou Tourism Zone. During the long bus ride there is some wonderful Chengdu Plain scenery to take in.

Day2    Hailuogou Tour

 Hailuo Valley

Glacier at Hailuo Valley is one of the glaciers at the east slope of Gongga Mountain. The glacier extends to 6km, and with the altitude of 2,850m, it is the lowest in altitude among glaciers with same latitude. Hailuo Valley is distributed with 5,700m-long glacier tongue. On the ice, there is full of transparent ice surface lakes, ice surface rivers, crevasses, ice pillars, ice caves, ice bridges and ice arch. Tourists, traveling can enjoy the beauty of crystal palace from the "Door Cave" of glacier to the exit of river under ice. Below Hailuo Valley, tourists can enjoy a spring-forever season. At the top, with annual average temperature of -9°C or so, it is always covered with snows throughout the year. Hailuo Valley is the best place to enjoy the sight of Gongga Mountain, King of Mountains in Sichuan. Climbing to the top of Erceng Mountain or Lion Rock, tourists can enjoy the splendid scenery that tens of snow peaks tower into the sky from the cloud and Gongga Mountain are surrounded by peaks.


A beautiful sight indeed is the sun shining on Golden Mountain - take a tour bus to the area of Campsite 3 to experience this special phenomenon. Walk through the virgin forest to the Glacier Watch and marvel at the mysterious glacier scenery such as the Gold and Silver Snow Mountain and the Grand Ice Cascade.
For a marvel-filled experience, the best accommodation options are campsites 2 and 3, with campsite 2 being best for the hot springs and expansive scenery. Hailuogou is at a high attitude, so care needs to be taken to avoid attitude sickness and fatigue. And don't be fooled by the brisk temperatures – the sunshine is strong and UV exposure risk is high.

Day3    Hailuogou-Chengdu


Take the return trip on the Hailuogou-Chengdu tour bus.


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