Lugu Lake Theme Route Tour


Day1    Chengdu-Mt Gongmu Tourism Zone


From Chengdu, take a flight to Xichang (which takes just over an hour), then a bus to Yanyuan (around 5 hours), and the last section by taxi (15 minutes).

 Gongmu Mountain Scenic Area 

Located at the northern foot of Bolin Mountain, 5km from southwestern Yanyuan County with the elevation of 2,530m and an area of 3, Gongmu Mountain, formerly Lianli Mountain or Lianhua Mountain, is known for its shape like male and female reproductive organs. With the distance of about 100m, two mountains are reddish brown and belong to Danxia landform. Gongshan Mountain is about 40m tall, like a bamboo shoot in spring; Mushan Mountain is about 100m tall, and enjoys round peak and natural fracture, forming a round cave to allow one person passing through leisurely.


There's no better way to kick off this tour than to sample the local mushroom and chicken dishes before relaxing in the fresh evening air and resting before the following full day.

Day2    Mt Gongmu Tourism Zone-Lugu Lake Tourism Zon


An express bus runs between Yancheng and Lugu Lake.

 Lugu Lake Scenic Area 

It is located in the southwest of Yanyuan County and the junction of Sichuan and Yunnan, about 170km from Yanyuan with the elevation of 2,700m. Lugu Lake, with lake area of 58, is shared with Yunnan, in which 33 is in Sichuan. It is a large plateau freshwater lake in Hengduan Mountains with overall length of 955km, width of 6km, average depth of 40m and maximum depth of 73m.

It is like a crescent moon and is surrounded by mountains with a good ecological environment, crystal and clear water. Shizi Mountain, a sacred mountain piously worshiped by local people, is standing lakeside, on which the dense virgin forest is distributed. Due to vast territory, sparse population and inconvenient traffic, it keeps its original style and is a tourist resort hiding in the remote mountains. It houses a variety of minorities, such as Mongolian, Tibetan, Yi, Pumi, Naxi and Bai people, enjoying various folk customs. Mosuo people still remain matrilineal family and "walking marriage" custom. Villages are scattered along Lugu Lake, where can provide accommodation. Mosuo people are mainly living in west and north banks. There are five small islands in the lake: Heiwa'e and Liwubi islands are located in the west, where you can enter the water at the west bank or land at northwest bank by boat; located in the northwest, Lise Island is smaller and near Lige Village and Xiaoluoshui Village; Dazui Island is near to north bank, where you can access from Dazui Village by boat.

Recommended Attraction: Grass Lake 

 Grass Lake 

Grass Sea, a 15,000 mu natural wetland in Sichuan, is the outlet of Lugu Lake, in which large areas of reeds grow. A long wooden bridge is set on Grass Sea and is called Zouhun Bridge (Walking Marriage Bridge). The most beautiful scenery of Grass Sea appears in April and May. Tourists can go boating (RMB 10) on Grass Sea and can enjoy another unique style different with Lugu Lake.


There are several options here – wander around the village, visit some of the Mosuo families, or stroll around the lake to enjoy the serenity of willows swaying in breeze, boats skimming over the rippling water, and the shimmering lake in the evening glow.
For those bent on a culinary experience, there''''s a myriad of choices: pickled cabbage tofu pudding, tiddler-shaped flat bread with pickled cabbage, crisp walnut pancake, fried preserved meat with eggs and thickened with flour paste, Micangshan preserved meat, Donghe wild fish, and many other delights to the palate.
The two best options for overnight accommodation are the Lakeside Youth Inn and Tusi Villa

Day3    Lugu Lake Tourism Zone-Chengdu


Starting from Xichang, take a train or plane to Chengdu.

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