Study Trip to Southern Sichuan

Day1    The First Place: Leshan

Mt. Emei

Mt. Emei, at 3,099m altitude, is a world cultural heritage and enjoys the reputation of “Most Beautiful Mountain under Heaven”. And it is called, together with Mount Wutai, Putuo and Jiuhua, the “Four Great Buddhist Mountains” of China. Mt. Emei has such “Four Wonders” as Sea of Clouds, Sunrise, Light of Buddha and Holy Light.

Jiayang Mini Train

The Jiayang Mini Train is a narrow gauge steam train running 15 km away from the north Qianwei County. It is called the “Last Steam Engine”, attracting steam engine fans all around the world.


Sweet Crispy Duck, Xiba Tofu, Qiaojiao Beef and Braised Chicken.

Day2    The Second Place: Yibin

Southern Sichuan Bamboo Sea

People who watched Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon should clearly remember the scene in which Chow Yun-Fat and Zhang Ziyi soar on the bamboo woods like the celestial beings. And the bamboo forest of Yibin is the location of the scene.
Southern Sichuan Bamboo Sea covering 120 sq. m and also named Wanlingjing, is located at the ranges of southern Liantian Mountain near to Changning County and Jiang'an County of Sichuan. It is said that when Huang Tingjian, famous poet in the Northern Song Dynasty, ascended to the mountain top, he blurted out that it is magnificent and marvelous and wrote "Wanlingjing" on the cliff. More than 70,000 mu phyllostachys bamboos grow in the central scenic area and cover 28 surrounding mountain ranges and more than 500 massifs. These bamboos stretch away in a winding and boundless manner. The Southern Sichuan Bamboo Sea, Dinosaur Museum, Stone Forest and Suspending Coffin are called as "Four Unique Scenery of Southern Sichuan". In addition to Xianyu Cave and Longyin Temple, Wangyou Valley, Guanyun Pavilion and Feicui Gallery etc. are also seated in Sichuan and they are famous as "Ten Scenic Spots of Bamboo Sea". It is a great place for tourists to avoid the summer heat.

Lizhuang Ancient Town

Lizhuang Ancient Town has been called “the First Ancient Town along Yangtze River” and it is also one of the cultural centers of the rear area during the Anti-Japanese War Period. And the excellent works of the master architect Liang Sicheng The History of Chinese Architecture was born in Lizhuang.


“Full Bamboo Feast” of Southern Sichuan Bamboo Forest, Yibin Spicy Oiled Noodles with Pork, Lizhuang Sliced Pork, Yibin Sprouts and Nanxi Dried Tofu.

Day3    The Third Place: Luzhou

Luzhou Old Cellar Tourist Area

Luzhou is well-known at home and abroad with its superb white spirit. It has 1,573 national treasure pits which were built most early, used continuously for longest time, and most completely protected in our country. A taste of the wine base in the pits here will enjoy you to the full.
Luzhou Laojiao Tourist Attraction is located in Jiangyang District of Luzhou. The liquor industry in Luzhou, originated in the Qin and Han Dynasties and prevailed in the Tang and Song Dynasties, became prosperous in the Ming and Qing Dynasties and is developed in new China. Luzhou Laojiao Group is a famous-liquor enterprise with old-honored brand and enjoys reputation at home and abroad. The company developed into a key state-owned large-scale liquor group on the basis of 36 old-brand liquor industries of the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Huangjing Virgin Forest

Huangjing Virgin Forest is the typical cretaceous system verrucano middle mountain canyon Danxia landform area as well as the only well kept subtropics primitive evergreen broad-leaf forest area at the same altitude on the earth (northern altitude of 28°C).
Huangjin Old Forest Scenic Area, located at northern Gulin County, is the last uncultivated land at the latitude of 28°N and belongs to drainage basin of the Chishui River at the transitional zone from the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau to Sichuan Basin. With an area of 433 sq. km and the average elevation of more than 1,300m, it is the gorge Danxia landform in the typical verrucano of cretaceous system.

Day4    The Fourth Place: Zigong

Zigong has been well-known in the world as the “A Millennial City Rich in Salt”, “The Home of Dinosaurs” and “A City Renowned for the Lantern Festival in Southern China”. Speaking of Zigong, the first thing comes to the outside people is the “First Lantern Show under Heaven” inheriting from the Tang Dynasty: Zigong Lantern Show. The lantern art shows the exquisite workmanship, the great momentum and unique charm. The show is held during every Spring Festival. If you come to Zigong in other seasons, you can visit Zizong Colored Lantern Museum. Of course, there still are the well-known Dinosaur Museum and Salt Industry Museum.

Recommended Attractions: Zigong Dinosaur Museum

Zigong Dinosaur Museum

Zigong Dinosaur Museum located at Dashanpu Town and 11km away from the downtown of Zigong is the only dinosaur-fossil-based natural science museum of China built at the excavation site. Since the first discovery of dinosaur fossil in 1915, more than 40 large-scale dinosaur fossil coenosises are unearthed in Zigong and dinosaur fossils cover sauropodas, stegosauruses, theropodses, pterosaur, etc. These skeleton fossils are mostly well preserved. Therefore, Zigong is named as "The Home of Dinosaurs". 8 exhibition halls with impressive and astonishing decoration and layout are set in the museum which bring you back to the time 100 million years ago.

Food: Salt Gang’s Dishes

Day5    The Fifth Place: Neijiang

Zhang Daqian Memorial

Neijiang is the hometown of the well-known splash-ink painting master Zhang Daqian. The unique memorial for Zhang Daqian in Chinese Mainland and Zhang Daqian Museum designed by the designer of Spain Pavilion of Shanghai World Expo are just located in Neijiang.
The architectural style of Zhang Daqian Museum reflects the idea of "Fusion of Chinese and Western Culture". Zhang Daqian’s Stone and Beauty Paintings are taken as the prototype of the whole form of the museum and "Portrait of Zhang Daqian" created by Picasso is taken as standard of its plane layout. Zhang Daqian Museum looks like the "deformed face" of Spanish Shepherd Boy in the distance and a "Gourd-Shaped" Exhibition Hall representing the culture symbol of China near Beams on the enclosure of the museum are like numerous colorful ribbons flying to the sky. After the completion in 2012, the architectural style with Chinese and Western elements has become the "marker post" of culture and art of Neijiang.

Longcang Memorial Archway

On the Millennium Bashu Ancient Post Path of Longcang County, there stand 13 Memorial Archways (the buildings built for honoring the merits and virtues or the loyalty and filial piety and ceremony) of Qing Dynasty built more than 500 years ago from south to north. There are chaste and undefiled memorial archways, dutiful son memorial archways and merits and virtues memorial archways, each of which bears lots of ancient stories.

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