This historic residence, The Dengs’ Old Courtyard as it is known, is an eastern Sichuan-style rural courtyard, and is the product of the blood, sweat and tears of three generations of the Deng family. The compound occupies an area of 833.4m2 and comprises 17 tile-roofed houses. Deng Xiaoping, who lived here for 15 years in his youth, his father and his grandfather all lived in the compound before liberation in 1949.

Famous Attractions 

Deng Xiaoping’s Former Residence 

Deng Xiaoping’s Former Residence is the three-section farmhouse with the style of dwellings of eastern Sichuan and is also called "Deng''s Old Courtyard". On August 22, 1904, Deng Xiaoping was born here. The house is in the direction from east to west. It has 17 rooms and is exhibited with numerous precious pictures of "Revolutionary Times", "Founding Period", "Turbulence Times", "Opening New Era", "Foreign Activities", "Share Weal and Woe", "South Tour Speeches in 1992" and "Colorful Fun".

Canfang Yard 

Canfang Yard, built in the late Qing Dynasty, is the workplace of Deng''s clan to plant mulberry, breed silkworm and reel silk. With an area of 800 sq. m, it embodies characteristic architectural style of dwellings of east Sichuan. There are clear pond and green mulberry in front of the house and verdant bamboo forest in the back with spectacular scenery. Deng Xiaoping usually played and labored here in his childhood.

Hanlin Yard 

1km away from Deng Xiaoping’s Former Residence, Hanlin Yard was built during the reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty by Deng Xiaoping''s progenitor, Deng Shimin, a member of the Imperial Academy in the Qing Dynasty when he returned home. Hanlin Yard, located at the west and towards the east, is a great and gorgeous quadrangle dwelling. There are 36 rooms, entrance portal, theatrical stage, hall, etc.

Deng Xiaoping''s Former Residence Museum 

It is composed of lobby, 3 exhibition halls, movie projection hall and treasures exhibition hall. Exhibition was arranged under the direct leading of the CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee, under the assistance of CCCPC Party Literature Research Office, as well as under the strong support of Deng Xiaoping''s relatives, according to Central Committee''s notice spirit with regard to commemorative activity in memory of Deng Xiaoping''s 100th Birth Anniversary. The exhibition hall is distinct, unique colorful and special. Established by successful idea shown by international museums and advanced exhibition methods of modern science and technology, the museum is the currently first museum in memory of Deng Xiaoping in China .


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Deng Xiaoping Residence, Guang’an


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