The Sanxingdui Museum, covering an area of some 12km2, dates from somewhere between 3,000-5,000 years ago, and as such is southwest China’s oldest, biggest and most culturally significant archaeological site representing an ancient city, state and culture. This site is acknowledged as one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of the 20th century. The best-preserved parts are along the eastern, western and southern city walls as well as the city walls around Moon Bay. As the lifeblood of Yangzte River Civilization, it cements the place of the Yangtze River (along with the Yellow River) as fundamental to Chinese civilization.
Sanxingdui Museum is located at the northeast corner of Sanxingdui Site, Key Historic Site under State Protection and at the Yazi Riverside of the west of Guanghan, Famous Historical and Cultural City in Sichuan. 38km away from Chengdu in the south and 26km away from Deyang in the north, it is a large modern unique museum of relics of China. The museum was laid with a foundation in August 1992 and was officially opened in October 1997. Sanxingdui cultural relics are precious human culture heritage and are one of cultural relic groups with highest value in historical science, culture and art and with richest ornamental value among spectacular cultural relic groups of China. Among such secret treasures of ancient Shu, there are many grotesque and extraordinary bronze model including grand standing bronze person with height of 2.62m, bronze mask with wideness of 1.38m, as well as bronze tree with height of 3.95m, etc., all of which are unique and unparalleled masterpieces. Such gold objects as bright and such jade objects as pattern-full side tablet are rare treasures of China.

Famous Attractions 

Historical Hall of Ancient Shu 

Located at the southwest, it shows 2,000-year turbulent history, scene of late Neolithic Age, as well as the history of ancient Shu at the end of the Shang Dynasty and beginning of the Zhou Dynasty. It comprehensively demonstrates magnificence of ancient Shu and the prosperity of Sanxingdui Siteat the preliminary stage of civilization of southwest region and clearly shows its important status in the early city civilization of China.

Earthenware Exhibition Hall 

A lot of earthenware is displayed in Sanxingdui Earthenware Exhibition Hall, the third exhibition hall of Pavilion No. 1. The creation of earthenware has a close relation with development of agricultural economy and requirement of settlement life. Sanxingdui Ancient-Shu ceramics is developed and lots of earthenware is unearthed here.

Jade Exhibition Hall 

Lots of jade articles are displayed in Jade Exhibition Hall, the fourth exhibition hall of Pavilion No. 1. In addition, jade accessories of Sanxingdui is particular in materials, small and exquisite in carving and rich in vitality, like beads and chrysophoron aiglet, etc. Jades add radiance and beauty to bronze wares unearthed in Sanxingdui, to jointly create the highest achievement of Sanxingdui culture and its culture and art.

Sacrificial Ceremony Hall 

As saying goes that national affairs are focused on sacrifice and military, simulation scene of ancient rituals and sacrifice ceremony are set in the hall on the basis of ”holy arltar and numerous figure statues and credence, lofty altar, worshiping crowd and backdrop flame set in the hall show human desire for syncretism between heaven and man, spiritual pursuit to living in harmony with nature and full-bodied life consciousness and profound universal feelings of ancestors of Ancient Shu.


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Nanxing Street, Guanghan, Deyang Ci

 Opening Hours

8:30-18:00 for Exhibition Hall 1, 8:30-18:30 for Exhibition Hall 2


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