The Sanxingdui Museum, covering an area of some 12km2, dates from somewhere between 3,000-5,000 years ago, and as such is southwest China’s oldest, biggest and most culturally significant archaeological site representing an ancient city, state and culture. This site is acknowledged as one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of the 20th century. The best-preserved parts are along the eastern, western and southern city walls as well as the city walls around Moon Bay. As the lifeblood of Yangzte River Civilization, it cements the place of the Yangtze River (along with the Yellow River) as fundamental to Chinese civilization.
Golden Sun Bird is gorgeous and magnificent. Jinsha Site is 50km away from Sanxingdui Site and can be dated back to 1250 BC to 650 BC. It was quite prosperous in 1000 BC. There are some similarities for relics of Jinsha culture and Sanxingdui culture, but there is no city wall, which is approximately the last phase of Sanxingdui culture and represents the once transfer of political center of Ancient Shu.

Famous Attractions 

Golden Sun Bird 

Golden Sun Bird is the peak of golden arts of ancestors of Ancient Shu. Golden Sun Bird reaches 94.2% golden content with outer diameter of 12.5cm, inner diameter of 5.29cm, thickness of 0.02cm and the weight of 20g.

Ebony Forest 

Ebony Forest formed by more than 60 ebonies is a unique characteristic landscape in China. It fully demonstrates the good ecological environment of Chengdu Plain in ancient times and reflects the variation course of climate in ancient Sichuan.


Ivory is an important sacrificial offering to deities in Ancient Shu. Tons of ivory of Asian elephants are unearthed in Jinsha Site. The stacking layers of ivory reaches 8 and the longest ivory is 1.6m. At present, the protective backfilling treatment is under way.

Relics Museum 

Relics Museum is the discovery place of large-scale sacrifice site of Jinsha Site, as well as the present most completely reserved large-scale sacrifice relic site of the Shang and Zhou Dynasties in China. Till now, some archaeological discovery work is still being carried out here.

Memorial Sculpture of Chinese Cultural Heritage 

“Golden Sun Bird" unearthed in Jinsha Site is served as the prototype of Memorial Sculpture of Chinese Cultural Heritage. It as the core pattern of identification of cultural heritage of China and city image of Chengdu is the best representative of culture symbol of Chengdu.


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2 Jinshayizhi Road, Chengdu

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