Maerkang means “The Place Lightened by Butter Lamps” in Tibetan and it is the location for the TV show Dust Settled. It is located in Aba Prefecture, 365 km way from Chengdu.
Inside the scenic area, there are snow peaks at all seasons, colorful woods all over the mountains, the alpine meadow, and blockhouses of thousand years, characteristic dwellings, song and dance of Jiarong and the most complete existing official mansions of headmen in China, forming the great exhibition stand where the nature and culture enhance each other’s beauty.
The air quality in the Scenic Area has reached the national Grade I and the average temperature in summer is 8-21°C. Therefore, it is a holy land for the tourists to spend the summer at leisure.


Zhuokeji Headman’s Official Mansion RMB 60


1.Take “Chengdu- Maerkang” regular bus at Chadianzi Bus Station of Chengdu.
2.The self-driving route: the driving time is 7 hours. The toll of Chengdu-Dujiangyan Expressway is RMB 20 and Zhegu Mountain Tunnel Toll RMB 25.


There are 25 hotels, restaurants and reception points in Maerkang, in which one is two-star, 24 are mid-range hotels and rest houses with more than 3,000 beds in total and complete supporting facilities.


The scenic spots cannot be missed are: Zhuokeji Headman’s Official Mansion (it once was praised by Salisbury, a well-known American writer and Chief Editor of New York Time, as the “Pearl in Oriental Architectural History”), Xisuo Folk House, Suomo River Gorge Scenic Area, Songgang and the holy lands of religious culture: Canglie Temple, Caodeng Temple and Maerkang Temple.


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