Luoji Mountain is located 30 km way from the south of Xicang, Capital of Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province, crossing Xicang, Puge County and Decang County. It is a part of the National AAAA Scenic Area, namely Luoji Mountain-Lushan Mountain- Qionghai Lake Scenic Area. The name of Luoji Mountain come from its sister mountain Emei Mountain. Emei Mountain was named because “it looks like the eyebrow of the women” while Luoji Mountain was named because “it looks like the Acmaea shape bun on the head of maidens”.
Here, the remnants of glaciation in the Quaternary Period are preserved completely. And the “Five Luoji Greats” consisting of the typical landscapes “Glacier and Lake, Sea of Azalea, Glacier Grooves, Horns and Arête & Hot Spring and Falls” enjoy enormous popularity throughout the world.

Famous Attractions 

Heilong Pond 

Located between trough valley of Qingshui Valley and surrounding valley of Pearl Lake at the east of major ridge of Luoji Mountain, Heilong Pond is formed during the Luoji Mountain ice age with the largest scale, most intensive glacial erosion and maximum and most perfect glacial till and is the biggest glacial lake in Luoji Mountain. With elevation of 3,650m, its lake surface can reach 500mu and 360mu in wet season and dry season respectively.

No. 1 Glacial Groove 

With elevation of 3,670m, the rock face of No. 1 Glacial Groove is a glacial pavement with four more than 13m long, 1.35m wide and 60cm deep large glacial grooves on it. The glacial groove and striation both are formed by the score of hard rock fragment on the bottom or bedrock surface of the glacier.

Hand in Hand Lake 

It is located at the flat hill of Pearl Lake surrounded by coniferous forest and broad-leaved forest at 3,840m altitude. It is one lake in wet season and will become two lakes in dry season, which is like two lovers hand in hand, thus it is named as Hand in Hand Lake.

Pearl Lakes 

Pearl Lakes is the free translation of Shuhuozhu in Yi language; more than ten alpine lakes are scattered within the of the flat surrounding valley at the source of Qingshui Valley at the east of Luoji Mountain.

Opening Hours



Luojishan Town, Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan


Luoji Mountain: RMB 50;Fairy Cave: RMB 28; Cableway of Luoji Mountain: RMB 140


1. Take plane at Shuangliu International Airport of Chengdu to Qingshan Airport of Xicang and then transfer the bus to arrive in the scenic area;
2. Take the train to Xicang at Chengdu North Railway Station and then transfer the bust to arrive in the scenic area.


Roast Suckling Pig, Tuotuo Meat, Gangan Wine, Tartary Buckwheat Steamed Bun and Pickled Cabbage Soup


Luoji Mountain is also honored as the “Hometown of the Torch Festival of Yi People” in China. On June 24 of every year, there will be grand Torch Festival Carnivals.


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