It is located in Daying County, Suining City, Sichuan Province, forming from the ancient salt lake basin caused by the two orogenic movements one hundred and fifty millions years ago. The natural seawater (brine) reserves reach 4200 million tons, with the salt content of more than 22%. It is located in north latitude 30 degrees like the well-known Dead Sea in the Middle East. With the same concentration and close mineral elements, people can float on the water easily.
The China Dead Sea mainly have the service of Dead Sea floating, black mud experience and health salt therapy with the comprehensive items like water recreation.

Famous Attractions


Dead Sea covers over 10,000 sq.m, and the salt content in the ancient salt lake (3,000m underground) is about 22%. By floating, you may fully ease the body, release mental stress and eliminate fatigue. According to the data provided by UNESCO, floating on Dead Sea for one hour is equal to sleeping for eight hours. Hot floating is helpful for rheumatoid arthritis, skin disease, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and obesity.

Water World  

The Indoor Area of Dead Sea is the largest civil sky dome building in Asia, and intensively houses Passionate Surfing, Indoor Floating Pool, Indoor Hot Spring and Interactive Water House, etc.


With an area of 10,000 sq.m and maximum depth of 1.8m, surfing pool is equipped with the first large surfing device which is built with vacuum-driven wave-making technology in China with highest wave of up to 3m; fluctuant wave is formed by wind, forming a variety of wave shapes with highest wave of up to 6m. You may release your passion and move your body in the water with the rhythm of DJ, and enjoy unlimited fun.

Black Mud  

The black mud in Dead Sea, 3,000m underground, is rich in over 40 mineral substances and microelements such as sodium, potassium and calcium, and is a natural skin care product which can clean up and nourish the skin and increase the vitality of the skin. The black mud is uniformly spread on body surface, forming biofilm to clean up and nourish the skin when its mineral substances and microelements are penetrated into the skin.

Opening Hours



No. 888, Zhonghai Avenue, Daying County, Suining City, Sichuan Province


RMB 200


Take the bullet train from Chengdu to Nanchong or Chongqing North Railway Station at Chengdu East Railway Station, get off at Daying East Railway Station, and then transfer the bus to the scenic area.


1.Before the floating on the Dead Sea, you need to take off all the jewelries.
2.The best duration for steeping in the “seawater” is one hour. You need a wash with fresh water once go ashore.
3.If you have unhealed wounds, it is normal to feel the twinge as you get into the brine.


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