The project is located at the junction of Section 1 of Third Ring Road North and Jiaoda Road in Jinniu District of Chengdu and covers 470,000 m2. Happy Valley of Chengdu is the third place of the Happy Valley Chain brand for spreading all over China after Happy Valleys of Shenzhen and Beijing as well as the theme park with largest scale in Western China. The park consists of seven theme areas: Sunshine Harbor, Happy Time, Caribbean Cyclone, Bashu Passion, Flying Island, Magic Castle and Fly over Mediterranean with more than 130 experience and view items, including 43 recreation equipments and facilities, 58 cultural ecology landscape, 10 artistic performances and 20 theme games and auxiliary business items.
On the May Day of 2013, the Happy Valley Phase II was launched, including the huge ball screen flight cinema “Fly over the West”, the domestic original thematic play “Panda Man” and the domestic original 3-screen 4D Panoramic theater “Ocean Diver”.

Famous Attractions

Caribbean Cyclone  

Introduced from America with total investment of over RMB 20 million, it houses Caribbean Windstorm, Caribbean Water Park, Caribbean Pirates, South American Performance, Descent and others.

Bashu Obsession  

It mainly houses Bashu Impression, Sacred Tree Ladder, Happy Encounter in Ancient Tomb and Happy Tibetan, Qiang and Yi Games, providing you a unique playing experience.

Flying Island  

It is the highest flying island in the world and the sightseeing machine with largest circling range in China. The one end of airship stands on a small mountain, and the other end is a crystal and transparent pie-shaped platform. When Flying Island is slowly rising, tourists can appreciate harmonious “Happy Forest”, hurtling suspended looping coaster, playful elfin in Magic Castle and azure waters in the Fly over Mediterranean.

Magic Castle  

Characterized by “Magic” culture, it takes full advantage of mafic elements to fulfill any fantasy of tourists of all ages.

Fly over Mediterranean  

It houses 4D Cinema, Wedding Palace, Beyond the Limits, Happy Cruise, Roller Coaster and Fly over Mediterranean which enjoys a super-long circuitous track and provides tourists a unique experience by lifting and circling from different angles.

Opening hours in the day

09:00-18:00; tickets available: 08:30-17:30, with access all day. Opening hours in the evening: 18:00-22:00; tickets available: 17:30-20:30.


No. 16, Shaxi Line, Jinniu District, Chengdu City


ticket for day (9:00-18:00): RMB 190.00
ticket for night (18:00-21:00): RMB 70.00


buses 36, 48, 88, 119, 362, 365, 749 and 1061


with the ticket for day, you can stay till the closing.


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