It is located in the 18 km from the north of Ya’an, Sichuan, covering an area of 2 km2 with a forest coverage rate of above 90%. It has long been known as the “Lungs of Tianfu”. Bifeng Gorge Scenic Area consists of two gorges, with a 7 km gorge on the left and a 6 km on the right, forming a V shape. The green mountains are standing face to face on both sides of the gorges. With beautiful scenery, it is a perfect place for holidays and summer resort. You can go through the gorges to watch the waterfalls and hanging coffins, search the site of “Goddess Nv Wa Patches up the Sky”, and have an intimate contact with various wild animals in the Wildlife Park..
After 5.12 Earthquake in 2008, the Wolong pandas all were transferred to the Bifeng Gorge Base, which makes this place become the core area for panda protection and scientific research in China as well as the hometown of the world stars: Giant Pandas, such as Tuantuan and Yuanyuan which are given as gifts to Taiwan, Taishan returned from America, the eight panda babies at Beijing Olympic Games and the “World Expo Panda” of Shanghai.

Famous Attractions  

Dripping Plank Path  

It is located at the right gorge plank path where the stream water is falling down from bare rock with the height of over 10m and splashing in all directions, and tourists can look up to Dripping Cliff when visiting here.

Qiancengyan Waterfall  

With the height of about 100m and width of 10m, the waterfall is falling into platform forest at the hillside and flowing down along Pancake Rock, forming a huge silver curtain. Falling down from steep cliff throughout the year, two-cascade waterfall is formed.

Nuwa Pond  

Located under Bailongtan Waterfall with the length of 80m and width of 30m, Nuwa Pond, the place where Nuwa bath in, is an open and clear pond eroded by waterfall for many years and surrounded by mountains.

Panda Base  

Located in Bifeng Gorge Scenic Area in northern Ya’an with an area of 1,074mu, it is 18km from downtown Ya’an and 150km from Chengdu, and now houses over 100 giant pandas. It is a giant panda paradise integrating feeding, breeding, scientific research, rare wildlife rescue and popular science education, and is divided into feeding area, breeding area, scientific research area and office.

Opening Hours



Bifengxia Town, Yucheng District, Ya’an City, Sichuan Province


the ticket for Bifeng Gorge Scenic Area is RMB 118 (including the tickets for Giant Panda Garden and Mosuo Show)
The ticket for Bifeng Gorge Wildlife Park is RMB150.


1.Take “Chengdu-Bifeng Gorge” tourist shuttle bus at Xinnanmen Tourist Bus Station of Chengdu
2.Take “Chengdu-Ya’an” regular bus at Shiyangchang Bus Station of Chengdu to the tourist bus station of Ya’an, and then take the tourist shuttle bus directly arriving Bifeng Gorge


Before go to Ya’an, you must know the “Three Ya’an Bests”: Ya’an Fish, Ya’an Rain and Ya’an Women. At the same time, besides the Bifeng Gorge Scenic Area, there are still Shangli Town, Niubei Mountain, Mengding Mountain, Shenmu Barrier and Jinfeng Temple which cannot be missed by you!


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