It is located in the northeastern Zigong of Sichuan, which is 9 km away from the downtown. It is a large-scale site museum constructed on the world-renowned “Dashanpu Dinosaur Fossil Site” as well as the first special dinosaur museum and one of the three major dinosaur museums in the world.
The museum covers a floor area of more than 66,000 m2, with the fossils collection covering all the known dinosaur species of Jurassic Period. And it is also the place with collections and exhibition of most dinosaur fossils in Jurassic Period. It is evaluated by the American magazine Global Geography as the “Best Dinosaur Museum in the World”.

Famous Attractions

Main Tablet of Zigong Global Geopark  

There are 11 pedestals of the tablet in Zigong Global Geopark, and the tablet is of domino structure, on which unicellular organism in the Precambrian period and dinosaur in the Jurassic period are vividly carved.

1F Exhibition Hall  

1F displays the dinosaur and a variety of disappeared species in the order of “Dinosaur World- Dinosaur Site” in the form of scene display, personalized combination, sound, light, power and other multimedia means, and highlights the places where fossils are buried.

Dinosaur World Exhibition Hall  

It enjoys an ecological layout, and 18 dinosaurs with different sizes, species and shapes are shaped and combined based on different physiology and living characteristics, forming a group of interconnected and independent sculptures. Such a simulation environment offers a chance for tourist to experience the mystery of primitives.

Dinosaur Site  

With total area of about 1,500m2, Fossil Hall is the largest fossil scene in the world, where thousands of fossils are orderly arranged, stacked or staggered. It is the epitome of “Dinosaur Group Cave” in Dashanpu, which is called the “Wonders of the World”.


No. 238, Dashanpu Town, Da’an District, Zigong City, Sichuan Province


RMB 42


1. Take the regular bus “Chengdu-Zigong” at the Bus Terminal of Chengdu or at North Bus Terminal of Chengdu and get off at Dashanpu;
2. Take the train at Chengdu North Railway Station or Chengdu East Railway Station and get off at Zigong Railway Station, and then transfer the direct bus.


Open Time: 8:30-17:30 (Ticket Sales Stopped at 17:00)
Tour Guide Service Time: 9:20-16:30


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