Situated in Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County in Mianyang in the western part of the Sichuan Basin, this tourist region takes in the Wenchuan earthquake zone, Beichuan New City, the Beichuan Earthquake Museum, the Beichuan Qiang Folk Customs Museum, Qiang Village in Jina, and the Weisite Tourist Center. Beichuan is China’s only Qiang autonomous county, and for thousands of years, the Qiang, Han, Tibetan, Hui, and other ethnic groups have lived in harmony on this land, which has resulted in a rich tradition of folk customs.
Beichuan is Hometown of Great Yu who went out from Yuxue Valley and created a new era for Huaxia Nationality! After 5.12 Wenchuan Earthquake, New Beichuan County has been built due to boundless love of all people, giving Beichuan an eternal life and adding charm for Beichuan Qiang Tourist Attraction.

Famous Attractions  

En’da Qiang Village  

En’da Qiang Village, an abode of immortals, is next to the back gate of the relic in old Beichuan County and the only way to new Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County and Jiuzhai Valley. It takes full advantage of such unique advantages, promoting the development tourism industry and attracting tourists at home and abroad.

Longyin Town  

Longyin Town, formerly Beidou Town, is a unique ancient town completely reflecting the lifestyle in the period of the Republic of China in southwest China and a famous film and TV shooting base. From magnificent village gate to stone-paved street, you can see exquisite waterwheel, and appreciate dazzling folk crafts of western Sichuan style.

Beichuan Qiang Folk Museum  

Corresponding to Ji’na Qiang Village, it is the Qiang cultural heritage site and the largest Qiang folk museum in China, which is therefore honored as the “Fist Qiang Museum in China”. It houses Exhibition Area, Storehouse Storage Area, Research & Management Area and Reception Area; there are over 2,000 folk cultural relics, including 123 national level-3 cultural relics. It is built based on national level-2 museum design and characterized by Qiang folk.

Shiyi Qiang Village  

It is rich in a variety of alpine fruits due to its unique geology and clear spring, and houses over 1,000 species of plants and over 200 species of wild animals. It is also called the Human Species Gene Pool due to the perfect combination of ancient and rare trees and flowers and natural environment, and a genuine natural oxygen bar with optimal climate and forest coverage of over 96%.


free (Xunlong Mountain: RMB 60; West Agricultural Sightseeing Garden: RMB 50)

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