Located in Kangding in Ganzi Prefecture, the Kangding Love Song Scenic Spot (Mugecuo Park) runs adjacent to the Sichuan-Tibet highway. Historically it was an important corridor for the frequent north/south migration of Chinese people. Comparable to the better-known Silk Road, this park was an ancient trade center of teas, horses and herbs, and now brings together western China’s best natural landscapes and cultural traditions. It is home to fascinating ancient legends, folk arts, folk songs, and ethnic traditions and customs.

Famous Attractions


Covering 500m2, Fangcaoping is like a colorful carpet paving in the mountains and forests; tourists will be fascinated by refreshing fragrance from grass and flowers; it is a natural paradise for galloping horse and playing.

Seven-Color Lake

Seven-Color Lake at 2,600maltitude is a plateau lake blending with lake water and hot spring. The 20m deep crescent-shaped lake covers about 20ha. surrounded by forest and marshy grassland, elegant and peaceful; the clear lake water will turn to seven colors with the changes of sunshine and weather, thus it is so named. In the morning, the lake is like a mirror, with the inverted image of the blue sky, white cloud and snow; In the evening, the glistening water is like the gold. You can enjoy the natural beauty such as "Mist on Lake", "Muge Sunset", "Lotus Mist" and "Peak in Lake" in different seasons.

Golden Beach

Located at the left of Mugecuo, Golden Beach is honored as Love Beach which is a major highlight of Mugecuo. Its golden fine sand is naturally formed around the lake, which is rare in Western Sichuan Plateau. More than 110m long and 80m wide Love Beach covers 8,800m2. It is magnificent looked from afar. The water will rise and cover the sand from season to season. Mugecuo in winter is like a pure fairyland.

Honghai Prairie

Honghai Prairieis famous for the mountain lake- Red Lake; local Tibetans call it "Small Lake" to distinguish it from Mugecuo, called "Big Lake". With green grass and wild flower everywhere, you''ll enjoy the beautiful fragrant galsang flower below the snow mountain. From Kangding to Mugecuo Scenic Area, you can take the sightseeing boat from Holy Lake of Mugecuo to Honghai Prairie.


RMB 220 (ticket + sightseeing bus); RMB 290 (ticket + sightseeing bus + sightseeing boat)

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Mugecuo, Yala Township, Kangding County, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan


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