The Dagu Ice Mountain is a cacophony of modern glaciers, ancient glacial landforms, primitive forests, mountainous grasslands, rare wildlife, sleepy mountainside villages, and Red tourism. It is a perfect geological, ecological and cultural destination for sightseeing, holidaying, relaxation, relief from the summer heat, research, scientific exploration, adventure, and patriotism. Foremost of its magnificent attractions include colorful forests, Luogesi Magic Mountain and the ancient glacier park, and pursuits can include relaxing on the majestic plateaus, zangqiu monkeywatching (macaca thibetana), observing the Tibetan folk customs, Red tourism, rare wildlife watching, and glacier exploration.

Famous Attractions 

Jinkou Lake -Macaca Thibetana Viewing Area 

Macaca thibetana, also called stump-tailed macaque and assamese macaque, is the wildlife under state second class protection and the largest among all macaques. With lifespan about 30 years, they live in the mountain broad-leaved forest with rocks. There are about 6 groups of more than 800 monkeys. Unlike the monkey in the zoo, the wild Macaca thibetana like roaring in the forest.

Tibetan Village Folk Custom Experience Area 

There are three Tibetan villages in the scenic area with more than 400 industrious and kind-hearted Anduo Tibetans. Generations of them are living in this fairyland on earth featuring blue sky and water, prayer flag and Tibetan villages, which seems ancient and mysterious; all creatures great and small are from these Tibetan villages, snow mountains and holy water.

Dagu Lake 

As one of the important headstreams of Minjiang River, Dagu Lake nurtures the people along her way. In summer, the lake surrounded by hill stones is like a blue gem in a huge bronze treasure vase; in winter, covered by thick snow and ice, the lake is a natural ski resort and skating rink.

Logs Holy Mountain 

With elevation of 4,900m, the Buddha-shaped Logs Holy Mountain is featured by lifelike eyes, nose, mouth, hands and cassock. It is a sightseeing district integrating with alpine meadow, snow peak and falls.


High Season (Apr. 1- Nov. 15): RMB 200;

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Maqiao, Luhua Town, Heishui County, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan


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