The Hailuogou National Geological Park is best known for its geologically modern glaciers, hot springs, and mountainous canyons. Minya Konka, the main pyramid-shaped peak and respected by locals as the place where the wind stops to rest, is regarded as the King of Mountains in Sichuan. The landforms and relief are complex, and the mountains, at the precipice of the spectacular snow-capped mountains, are very tall - some extremely tall, and are awe-inspiring with their grandeur, mystery and more than a hint of danger.

Famous Attractions 

Yanzi Valley 

Located in the east slope of Gongga Mountain, Yanzi Valley is the only place in which you can see the main peak of Gongga Mountain rising from Moxi Terrace with elevation of about 1,800m to Main Peak Sightseeing Stage with elevation of 4,000m; featuring charming scenery, it is the first choice for extremely high mountain tourism in Western Sichuan Plateau. With rare Red Stone Beach in the world, Yanzi Valley is called as the world''s "Red Rock Park"; the factor of red stone is still an unsolved mystery so far, which is the mystery of Yanzi Valley.

Red Stone Beach 

The growth of red stone is featured by such strange characteristics: it growsat places above 2,100m with sufficient sunshine and near the main stem of Hailuo Valley, and red stone taken out from Hailuo Valley will turn dark. The organism on red stone is growing every minute, the color and lustre will change in different seasons and weathers. Thus, red stones always present endless gorgeous color and can form different beautiful picture scroll all the year round.

Red Stone Beach 

Hailuo Valley has many glaciers of which there are three grand glaciers, the grandest is called No. 1 Glacier with length of 14km, i.e. the Great Icy Waterfall. Walking 3km along the glacier and bypassing the black pine-trees, you can appreciate this Glacier Falls with width of 1,100m and fall of 1,080m. It is composed of innumerable extremely large radiant ice blocks, which is like the Milky Way straight down from the blue sky.

Primeval Forest 

With elevation difference of more than 6,000m, multi-level climate zones and vegetation zones are clearly formed in Hailuo Valley, which gathers over 4,880 plants that grows in from subtropical zone to frigid zone. Along the ring-shaped mountain road, changeable plants landscapes are just before the eyes of visitors, who have too many things to see, such as palm trees in the valley, green bamboo forest, towering old trees in the primeval forest, beautiful wild azaleas, colorful herbaceous wildflowers at the high altitude and the vegetation.

 Opening Hours



92 yuan (ticket for Hailuogou).


Moxi Township, Luding County, Ganzi Prefecture


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